Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Our advent and Eve!

Happy December 1st! So we may have decked the halls a few weeks back, but now we can OFFICIALLY start all the festiveness. Bring it on.

So with that said, here's this years advent.

It was a generally a really easy DIY that just took the course of several days because I was working on it during nap times ;)

brown kraft paper (when I ran out, I used paper bags)
white marker
stick (or whatever you prefer)

Raelyn really gets Christmas this year which makes it double the fun and it's Aubrey's first, so obviously we're trying to make it as special as we can. 

Gifts for a family from the Angel tree 
Make sugar cookies
Go see the zoo lights
Make a snowman
Watch Polar Express
Hot chocolate & coffee date
Sleigh ride at the mountain
DIY snow globe
Watch Charlie Brown Christmas
Make gluwein (hot mulled wine) 
Make ornaments
Go watch the Nutcracker Ballet
Go drive and see lights
Bake an apple pie
Make cinnamon dough ornaments 
Donate to toys for tots
Make the mailman/neighbor gifts
Bre's handprint ornament
Ice skating
Watch Christmas Family Vacation
Visit Santa
Open and read Christmas books
Tree lighting downtown
Make Christmas playdoh and bring to a friend
Christmas breakfast 

fingers crossed we make it through all the fun because there's still the other advent in Rae's room... I'm thinking about just writing book title's to each day and reading that book because that sounds like something I could handle. maybe. 

and I'd like you to meet, Eve.

climbing our tree with backpack and fishing pole in tow.. we made a last minute trip to Powell's to pick up our "elf book". Rae has the plush elf on the shelf that we got last year and she named her Beans so when I told her we were going to get another elf she got really excited. Can't wait for her to find her each morning. I've given handsome full control of Eve, so I'm equally excited to see what he comes up with. 


  1. What a great Advent!! I need to get the book for Ellie and then have her start searching for our elf!! What a fun time of year!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful - I love the SIMPLICITY.. paper stars, and of course the branch. :)

  3. gah! cutest advent EVER!! seriously. youre going to have the best holiday season!