Friday, December 11, 2015

FUN fun things.

HOORAY for Friday! 

This week has been exceptionally fun because my mom flew in this week and after a 13 hour delay on her part and sleeping in Seattle overnight it's safe to say were both happy she finally made it here. I started to drive out to Seattle and just pick her up, but an hour into driving the roads were just so hard to drive on, it was so rainy and I wouldn't be getting back home until 4am. 

Raelyn is in heaven. Everything's been, "lola do it.. lola play with me.. lola's my beeeeest fwend" So happy to have my mom here for Christmas since it's been four or five years since we've been together. 

Yesterday Stefan and I were apart of an elopement inspired photoshoot and it was a dream. I can't wait to see the film and final product of the video. We started the day early in this darling cabin tucked away in the woods near the coast and then made our way to hug point on the coast. We shot in-between the wind and rain towards the end but it was so much fun. 

// photographer: @donnyzavalaphotography
//florals: @foragedfloral
//cinematographer: @bryonnealdaniels @ashlie.rene
//hair and makeup: @ebelartistry
//dress: @clairelafaye

We were supposed to be at handsome's Christmas party with him today, but the three hour drive there and back into Washington just did not seem fun after a busy day yesterday so now I'm trying to scheme up a different place besides the mall for Rae to see Santa. If not, then I don't think she'll be too heartbroken. 

I love seeing her love the same stuffed animals I did when I was little. My dad gave me this puppy and she's been sleeping with him each night.

and because no post is complete without a picture of aubrey babe also...
if you saw my snap a few nights ago you saw that I tried to get both girls sleeping in Rae's room while my mom will be staying with us so she could have her own room. Well that lasted a whole twenty minutes maybe? Bre goes down around 6:30 each night and Rae an hour or so later after her. So when we went to bring Rae in bed she did the typical "I need to potty (even though we just took her) I'm furrrsty (gave her some water) I need to give daddy more tisses...) and after all that went on, Aubrey obviously woke up and we tried to just let them settle. After Rae told Aubrey to "shhhhh Awwbrey" a few times we just ended up putting Bre's crib in our room. and now everythings back to golden again.

happy weekend! 


  1. I can't WAIT to see the photos from your shoot!!! They could not have chosen a more perfect couple! So happy your mom is there for Christmas! XOXO

  2. Lex begs to share not just a room but a BED with k.. But only when k is older. If I threaten to pull the crib into her room now it's all drama ;)

  3. I have hopes and thoughts of Ellie and #2 sharing a room but I'm just not sure of the reality...

    So glad you get to be with your mom!!!

  4. OMG, that photoshoot..?! You have to show us more!! :) What an awesome opportunity. Enjoy your time with momma!!