Thursday, December 3, 2015


Double digits and two months from a first birthday. Craziness!

but really, I love this stage. This stage we get baby babble, a distinct dada when she see's handsome, a genuine laugh when you tickle her toes, lap cuddles anytime you're sitting on the floor and the sweetest dance moves anytime she hears music playing.

She makes the best kiss face, like sucks her cheeks way in and kisses. my favorite! Her single dimple on the opposite side of Rae's gets no less than a hundred kisses each day and she lights up when handsome walks through the door. Somehow she manages to whistle and gets on her tippie toes to reach for Rae's food anytime she's not looking.

Aubrey, no even kidding when we say you are the sweetest thing. Your demeanor is enchanting and I live for when you just want to rest your head on my chest.

BIG things have been happening around here! Aubrey girl is WALKING--- what?! A few weeks back she was taking a step here and there. From the couch to the table, but one day she legit walked from the kitchen to the living room. The way she would crawl around and basically be right up under Rae we just knew she'd be walking in no time and sure enough. The girls hold hands walking around the house together and it just kills me. LOVE those two.

 Food is her love language and its a good thing too because we finally have a tooth! Just one, but I'm sure they'll be popping up one after the other now. We have frozen all the teething toys and are just thankful for no sleepless nights (yet).

and some out takes... because girlfriend does not like to sit still for very long these days. Eleven and twelve month pictures should be FUN.


  1. 10 months!! I can't even believe it!! She won't be rolling next month...she might be running away!! :) Such a cutie!

  2. She sounds like a dream! Liam was an early walked and I loved it! Enjoy the new adventures!

  3. ten months!! and walking!! i love it!!! sister pictures just got a whole lot sweeter ;)

  4. I love her. No seriously, LOVE her! She seems like such a little angel baby and these pictures are too much!