Monday, November 23, 2015

The babes room is officially DECKED.

Okay friends, who's ready for some Christmas posts? I promised myself that I wouldn't go all Christmas crazy until AFTER Thanksgiving because in all honesty I don't want to steal the spotlight from good ol' turkey day.

I mean.. the house is completely decked in lights, the house smells of cedar (but we've yet to get a tree) and Rae's room is even in the Christmas spirit. Lucky you I haven't planned out our Thanksgiving menu so you get the reveal of Rae's decorated room!

My mom is actually coming in town for Christmas this year and I am so excited! So that means we're going to be putting Bre in Rae's room (hopefully. if not we'll move her into our room). I dream of the girls sharing a room-- like can.not.wait until Aubrey's out of her crib so I can figure out how to fit two beds in one room. Rae's been all sorts of into each holiday, like momma like daughter, so we dug out her little tree a few weeks ago and decked her room out. 

We have two advent calendars this year.. wish me luck. but the one going in Rae's room will just have a little piece of candy, craft or ornament to hang on the tree. The other advent will be our main one we're going off of. I just found these adorable prints here and had to print them out. Hopefully this will also keep her from asking me when Christmas is everyday ;)

Are y'all doing elf on the shelf this year? I'm so undecided.. 

I made so many garlands this past week, but this circle garland hanging in her room is seriously my favorite. I struggle every year between a colorful Christmas arrangement or keeping it traditional-- so yay for being able to have both.

and this tree. Oh man, what a fight it is some nights.. the tree itself is pretty unstable, gotta figure out how to make it stand up better especially because girlfriend likes to rearrange the ornaments 90828432 times a day.

If you follow me on snapchat you probably saw Rae picking up Christmas tree's with her jeep-- she also informed me today that she wants a jeep to ride in for Christmas (maybe next year babe) and points to any vehicle in a magazine asking for it.

I LOVE her room and it's already Aubreys favorite room in the house so it'll be fun having them bunk up for a few weeks. Surely they won't wake each other up and instantly go to sleep like normal right? haha...

happy monday! We're off to pick up the jeep. Hooray for having two cars again and being able to get back to the gym!


  1. yay!! i LOVE all the decking!! mike is a total scrooge and refuses to even entertain the idea of christmas until after thanksgiving. so i'm living through you instead ;)

  2. Love all the Christmas decor!! So adorable and that advent calendar is the cutest!!!

  3. Love the silver tree! Where did you get your vintage, colored baby trees?

  4. So so cute! I love all the little decorations and the color scheme, perfect for a little girl.

  5. I adore this and love that you decorate Rae's room too!! Ellie gets a tree in her room and I'm thinking of doing more. I love that white Pom garland, did you make that? If so how??!!

    We're doing elf on the shelf this year, but our elf is super lazy and doesn't get into any trouble. We'll be lucky if she moves 5 times this year ;)

  6. So cute!! I struggle between fun and traditional, too, but I went with traditional this year. BUT, not in the kids' rooms!! They have the whole upstairs, so it's going to be full of fun decor...I can't wait! I am waiting until after Thanksgiving only because we are hosting, and I have so much to do! I have already pulled everything out, though, so it's ready to go on Thursday night!!

  7. So pretty, I love all the garlands and your advent calendar!! :)

  8. Cute! I love the decorations!!

    We do elf the shelf, but not over the top. Basically, he moves every night and thats about it!