Sunday, November 22, 2015

my mac hates me.

i mean HATES me...

Last week sometime I went to go download some fonts and opened up my macbook pro to a flashing screen. Blank. Different background picture, no fonts, flashing. I am the WORST at backing up any electronics, you can just ask my husband. You can also often see me deleting pictures just in order to take new ones on my phone.

So a panicked phone call to the mister. The next available appointment at the Mac store and me praying to the apple God's that I don't lose everything-- because ya know, I haven't backed anything up in a few months.

Turns out that there was only 4% available hard drive space left on my computer that it was just working too hard. Apparently you really need to keep 25% available space in order for it to work properly. Also turns out because there was so little space left they couldn't just restore my hard drive and had to literally click on each individual file, each individual PICTURE and rebuild my hard drive so I didn't lose everything. THOUSANDS of pictures y'all. oh, that poor lady..

$80 dollars and a few days later my mac is back. Well, they misspelled my name when I log in and of course I just HAD TO change my name.. welp. Wouldn't you know when I did that and restarted my computer I WOULD LOSE EVERYTHING.

my poor husband sitting next to me-- I'm panicking, AGAIN. and he's freaked because I'm freaked andddd then I had this brilliant idea to just go back and misspell my name and hallelujah everything is back. and normal. and all my pictures are there!

Moral of the story ladies-- BACK YOUR COMPUTERS UP. now. and don't mess with settings. ugh.

and really, if you stuck through all of that you deserve a high five.

We actually had quite the Christmas-y weekend and I'll share some pictures tomorrow hopefully, because right now I'm going to back up my computer. Here's a few pictures ;)


  1. Ah, how scary!!! I FINALLY uploaded all of my pictures to a website, but where do you back up the rest of your computer? I always think these things won't happen to me...until they do. UGH so glad you got it figured out, and I can't wait to hear about your Christmas-y weekend!!

  2. That is my biggest nightmare. So glad you were able to save everything. I have to delete pictures on my phone to take new ones're not alone ;)