Wednesday, November 18, 2015

lately with my gals.

The two brunette babes of this house been coughing up a storm and the runny noses aren't fun either. They've been ever so kind to share their sickies with me, so I've been up all night coughing the past two nights. It's been a good two weeks of this and today was the first day we all weren't miserable. Hooray for getting out of the house tomorrow! 

I feel like the days are going by in fast forward. We're almost a week away from Thanksgiving and I may or may not have already started decking the halls.. at least in Rae's room that is. Raelyn is in full Christmas spirit and it makes my heart burst. She keeps going around the house saying "Merry Christmas" and because Christmas music has already been playing at our house (duh.) "jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the waaaayyyyyyy" is probably her favorite. 

Aubrey is unofficially walking. I won't admit it and she's only take a few steps at a time so we're not calling it official yet. She even has a little busted lip to prove it because she tripped over a toy. Sweet girl, her cry is the absolute worst. 

Bath time around here is by far my favorite. Both girls get to splashing each other and the giggles.. oh my gosh the giggles. They are the best. 

Rae started tumbling a few weeks back and loves it! It doesn't go for very long, but I will be signing her back up for it. Bonus, I get to wear Bre in the ergo, on my back while I play along with Rae. 

This was my sad attempt of blogging for the week-- but stay tuned because I DID take some pictures of Rae's decorations in her room (sneak peak if you're on snapchat @karratipton) anddddd we're getting our tree this weekend!! 

oh. and THESE TWO in Christmas jams. lovelovelovelovelove. the end. 


  1. Walking?! Nooooo! Push her over! The littles are still babies... Forever ;)

  2. Love those Jams...good luck finishing the week mentally and physically stronger! ;)

  3. Walking already - oh my gosh! I can't wait to see the decorations....Cam is DYING for lights in his room!

  4. Yay can't wait to see room decor! And Christmas jams!!! Aria's in hers tonight. My fave. She needs more pairs.

  5. hi Karra,
    I have been following your blog since you found out you were pregnant with Bre, i requested you on Instagram, would it be ok if i followed? My IG name is keelay71.. thanks :) Heather