Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

So even though I'm not huge into Halloween, I really loved seeing all four of us dressed up in costume. Rae actually understanding what we we're doing this year made it even better.

So here we go y'all.. Dorothy, tin man, scarecrow and the lion! 

I knew I didn't want to spend a lot on costumes so a few weeks back I stopped at this great consignment store and scored on Rae's Dorothy dress ($2!!) and Aubrey's costume was $2 also. I have no idea what Aubrey's costume was.. an animal of some sort, so I cut off what I didn't need and attached fur where I wanted it. Her headband was made out of scraps of stuff I already had and Rae's poor DIY moccs... I dropped the ball and forgot all about ruby red slippers so I attempted to make some from old moccs. #fail. she left a trail of red glitter everywhere.

Handsome's costume was his fire suit from the AF and since's he's not in that career field right now it worked out perfectly for the tin man. He basically stole the show and got SO many compliments all night long. Can't say I blame them.. he was pretty dang cute. and my outfit was all stuff I already owned, so less than $10 on costumes! Winning. 

We went downtown Friday night because we were told it was going to rain Saturday and I'm so glad we did because a monsoon basically came through on Halloween night. 

Not very many shops were passing out candy and Rae came home with maybe 15 pieces, which is actually perfect because then I won't eat nearly as much as I could've. As much as she cried and said, "mom I don't want candy.. no candy" right before we left, I think she had a good time. I can't imagine how fun next year will be with both girls going up to the door together.
Girlfriends been watching Christmas movies and we've transitioned out her halloween books with Christmas one's so she may be alright with the changing on holidays ;) 

and Bre! She stayed cozy and warm in the lion costume and even made the perfect lion noises when it got too late. The girls made it in bed and we ended our halloween fun with a bottle of wine and a few too many pieces of candy.


  1. So cute! We went as the Wizard of Oz too and it was so much fun! I got Odette's Dorothy dress from Goodwill for only $2.99 :)

  2. Amazing costumes for that money girlfriend!!!!! Too freaking cute!

  3. Great costumes for so little money! Nicely done. I love them all. And leaving a trail of glitter is a right of Halloween passage. It works!

  4. You guys are the cutest family ever 😍