Thursday, November 12, 2015

"baby deer hurt in the snow"

Rae's been asking to go find baby deer that are stuck in the snow for ddaaayyyysss.. no idea where it came from, but to the mountain we went!

It was pouring rain where we live and I was so nervous that we were going to drive up to the mountain and there'd be no snow. Little lady would've been heartbroken. Luckily, that was not the case.

We bundled up, handsome turned our wagon into a sled, we packed hot chocolate and it made for a perfect snowy morning.

Aubrey was so cozy-- she almost fell asleep while being pulled around. I was so worried she'd be cold, but she was probably the warmest out of all of us. When we did sit her down in the snow, she tried to crawl but that little marshmallow couldn't get around so well.

Rae looked for deer (didn't see any) she also hated her mittens and her she's got a real nice cough going on right now :( She loved being out there, our next step is to actually get her to sled. No worries, handsome jumped in it as soon as she said no. 

So thankful for him; always lifting me up when I need it. It was a rough week and getting out as a family to just play is really the best medicine. Another adventure in the books... and just a few more pictures because I can't get over Rae in those boots and Aubrey in a scarf. LOVE THOSE GIRLS. 


  1. So cute!! I love that you just packed up and went...perfect little memories!! And those girls in their outfits...LOVE IT!!

  2. So adorable. Ellie won't wear mittens either...but socks on her hands no problem (especially if she has taken them off her feet and sticks them in her mouth...)