Monday, November 2, 2015

Aubrey: nine months

Well, I certainly blinked and we're already at nine months. So crazy how fast it goes the second time around. That sweet grinnin' babe knows how to work those smiles, even Rae will share her beloved jeeps with her if she smiles or giggles at her. So much fun has been happening lately, you're really into music. I'm talking head bangin' and full body swaying going on when I turn on Pandora. I even walked into the house the other day when dad had oldies music on and you were totally jammin out. 

You are an especially fast crawler if you see shoes laying on the floor or if we throw the couch cushions on the floor you could play in those forever. You'll walk along the tables and couches and every now and then I'll catch you take a step from the table to the couch. I can't handle that yet, so I like to pretend I'm not seeing what I'm really seeing. Everyone says you'll be walking my Christmas which has me thinking about a table top tree.. 

Eating is your love language. If we're eating you better be also otherwise you'll surely let us know. Blueberries all day, every day. Some new foods we've added in lately are zucchini, ground turkey, beans, but really you'd be happy with anything as long as you're eating. I'm still making puree's but you definitely don't get them as often, because honestly feeding yourself is way funner. 

We're still nursing and I really need to try pumping maybe once a day again because I'm down to maybe two bags in the freezer. Formula is still being given whenever needed, it's nice to not stress over having to pump. Naps are better than what they were maybe a week ago. I cut the third late nap because she was waking up more at night so now were down to two, two hour naps and bedtime at 6ish. 

Bre babe, you're every bit of sweetness and I'm completely not exaggerating. You have this calmness about you and it's such a breath of fresh air to hold you. I love the way you curl your toes when I'm nursing you and the roundness of your nose. You laugh instantly if anyone gets your toes and smile the biggest smile first thing in the morning when we get your from your crib. Changing your clothes and diaper has become such a task because you roll over and want to just kiss yourself in the mirror. Your first word was dada but just the other night at dinner I heard mama and it was amazing. If we make the kiss noise, you'll make it back to us and in the car we always hear you giving yourself kisses in the mirror. You're such a joy and so happy all the time. Your sister still loves to hold you and just a few weeks ago I watched you two giggle over sharing a cup taking turns making noises in it. I'm so in love with you babe. 


  1. Happy 9 months!! I think a tree will have it's work cut out for it =) I'm glad Aria waited until after Christmas to get to walking.

  2. Happy 9 months.. she is adorable.. and love those black and white shots at the end.. such amazing expressions.

  3. Oh my gosh, the cutest!! And the favorite! LOVE her bow and it from the GAP? Where do you get her bows? I am always on the hunt for good ones. ; )

  4. You take the best pictures! So cute. :)
    Glad you are still nursing. I made it 14 months with my boy and 12 months with my girl. Way to go mama!

  5. Love love love! What a gorgeous babe and such beautiful photos! I love her outfit! 9 months is such a magical age! I think 9-18 months has definitely been my favorite! Things are about to get SO much fun!