Friday, November 27, 2015

A simple Christmas

Happy black friday! I'm working in the chaos today, but I thought I'd share what we plan on getting the girls this year.

Christmas is hands down mine and handsome's favorite holiday, but we stand pretty firm in not showering the girls with gifts. Our advent calendar is filled with giving back and honestly almost three and one year old's don't really need that much. The girls' birthday are so close to Christmas also that some of these gifts will be given to them for their birthday. 
one// two// three //four// five// six// seven// 

If you ask Rae what she want's for Christmas she replies with "blue present" or blue bike, but little does she know we already have that pink bike in the attic. So she'll have to settle for a blue helmet? Trying to stick with the whole "want, need, wear and read" theme, they'll be a few new books and some winter wear for the girls. Aubrey has added teeth to her wish list so alllll the teeters for my girl. and I'm totally SWOONING over the new Candy Kirby dolls that will be released soon. That olive green is my favorite and how adorable would the girls be with these dolls. We've already set the budget on presents and most are bought so they'll just have to wait another time for those. 

I love watching Rae's eyes light up with she gets something new, but I love even more taking her to new places and to enjoy a moment more than a new toy. We have a few trips in mind for next year so we're really trying to stay on budget and plan ahead for those. 

Happy weekending, friends! Here's to eating leftovers the rest of the weekend and wearing stretchy pants the next few weeks :) 


  1. i am all about not spoiling the girls either. at almost 3 and 2 months, what could they possibly need? besides, they will be spoiled by everyone else! I love the want, need, wear, read thing. we did that last year with Palmer and I think it's perfect!

  2. I'm really liking the teether, I'll be needing those soon! & those dolls are adorable.

    We do 3 presents from us & one from Santa! Love the gift of books, the gift that keeps giving for years and years to come.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your picks! Our girls are getting joint gift from the big guy, dress up rack with new dress up stuff, and then just mostly lots of books and puzzles and then little stocking stuffers for the dollar spot.