Monday, October 12, 2015

three day weekends.

I could most definitely do this weekend over again. There was dreamy showrooms, ice cream, good coffee and a little adventure sprinkled in there.

I stumbled upon Schoolhouse Electric Co. on good ol insta and it was every bit of perfect when we got there. You wouldn't know if by looking at our house right now, but I tend to like/buy furniture and decor that's rustic with a little industrial thrown in. 

SO many things caught my eye. Those light bulbs were the absolute coolest. I loved all the brass, the fixtures, the pulls and handles and how metal and iron was used with wood. Handsome was supposed to build us a farmhouse table this year, but we held off because there's this little girl who likes to try and color on our current table. BUT! Pottery barn has a competition in places I can swoon over home decor.

Sunday. Ahh, Sunday was everything I hoped it would be.

The evergreens, the waves crashing against the rocks, dinner at sunset. All factors in an evening well spent with my most favorite people. We packed up our soup and stopped for coffee in Cannon Beach and hiked a little bit before we made our way down to the beach. Raelyn was one VERY happy girl, she kept asking to look for sea cows and to, "go find animals". 

don't worry.. a whole separate post on all this prettiness is to come.

Monday handsome had off so we went into Portland for lunch at chicken and rice. Nongs is the real name, but it's known as chicken and rice and she won chopped so we had to try it out.

Rae approved.

& we stopped at the Ace Hotel for this cute little Photo Booth.. this was my favorite part of our day. 

okay maybe this was too.. 

and that's it! Oh. and I got snapchat... I don't know if it'll stay, but its fun for now and I need more people to follow so find me: karratipton


  1. I just got Snap Chat, too...I can't believe I caved in! Those pictures are GORGEOUS! What a view! LOVE Schoolhouse Electric...I was on their site so much while we were renovating!

  2. Oh my gosh. I want to copy your weekend, it looks amazing!! And that showroom looks FANTASTIC! So many great ideas!

  3. SUCH a fun weekend. and per usual totally gorgeous pictures and scenery and babes and just plain EVERYTHING!

  4. I love schoolhouse electric!! Such cool things!!!

  5. Love everything about this, everything that catches your eye is so pretty! And I'm so glad you have snapchat 😍