Thursday, October 1, 2015



We're staying pretty low key this weekend, mainly because I'm working until five a.m tonight (send coffee) and mostly because every day this week we've been in bed by nine.

These ladies have been extra fun this week. And by fun, I totally mean clingy and whiney and just when you think you're gonna lose it, you catch them on the bed rolling around with huge belly giggles. (oh yeah, Rae's picking her up now too which is terrifying)

Belive me when I say that Raelyn is probably Aubrey's favorite person. I'd only throw my name in there because I feed her. She lights up when Rae talks to her, tickles her, and even when she squeezes her. Rae's just as smitten with her little sister also. She picks out her clothes in the mornings and always says, "Aw-bee cute!"

Usually Bre's my chill little lady, but yesterday for the life of me I couldn't sit her down. I heated up my cup of coffee four times before I actually could drink half of it and then finally finished it after dinner. She making dinosaur noises at me constantly and you can forget eating in front of her.. she gets real loud if you don't share.

so a big yay for BLW. We pulled the high chair down from the attic and now she'd fully entertained with some steamed veggies or blueberries.

Rae's finally allowing me to put dresses on her and several times this week she's picked out skirts to wear! For the longest time it was only green shorts and her babe shirt she would pick out and it was driving me crazy. Now she's pretty crazy for this princess blue jean jacket my mom gave her.

Now that October has graced up we'll be cuddled up outside more often. The past two days I've gotten the girls down at the same time, but earlier this week this is how 1pm looked like almost daily..

notttt complaining one bit. If only we have more large tree's in the backyard, I'd have both Eno hammocks hung up as well as this one. It's been the perfect weather here. Cool enough in the mornings to start up a fire and warm enough in the afternoons for all of us to play outside.

Hopefully we get to the farmer's market this weekend. I'm craving omega bread and my counter tops need some new flowers. I also can't wait to open up this jar of syrup some of the very best friends of ours sent us. Tapped from the tree's in their yard, how cool is that?

Happy happy Friday! Mine will be made if I get to take a nap today ;) 


  1. BLW is seriously how i make dinner every night. i'm telling you solids keep the babes seriously entertained!! and horray for rae wearing dresses and skirts again. we have the exact opposite problem because "princesses dont wear pants, shorts, belts, socks, or running shoes". . . ugh. girls.

  2. Just ran across your blog! love it :) I'm up here in the PNW too!