Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy Adventuring

Woo Hoo! It's finally the weekend and I'm off and we're planning on heading to the coast. It might be a little foggy, but to be honest that's what I'm kind of hoping for. Fall in Oregon is magical.

If you've been following this little space of mine for a while, you probably have caught on that we like to get out and explore as a family. Handsome and I like to be outside; whether that be hiking, fishing, or just laying on a blanket in our yard we always said that once we had kids we wouldn't let that stop us from doing things we love. Getting ready for day trips and weekend getaways can feel like a daunting task (because it is) luckily we've got it down to a science now.

//cape kiliwanda, pacific beach

Here's a few tips that we've acquired and make things a little easier/faster to get out of the house. Because with two, it still takes us an hour to leave the house sometimes.

1. Always prep and pack up the car as much as you can the night before. We make sure we have all our snacks, water bottles filled, dvd player/books/extra set of clothes etc. packed in the car.

2. Leave early. I'm talkin' 3-4a.m. We do this so we get to wherever were planning early enough to enjoy the whole day. We also do this because a lot of times we only stay one night somewhere and we like to see the sunrise.

3. Make your meals for the next day. Breakfast burritos are a staple for us and we always pack pb&j's.. one of us is always hungry. 

4. Premake coffee so it's ready to go the next morning. No brainer.

5. Dried mango, trail mix (we mix almonds, cranberries, raisens & cashews), dried coconut, homemade oatmeal balls and lara bars are a few snacks that we can all eat and are easy to pack in the hiking pack.

We LOVE going to see new places with the girls, it means the world to us to hear Raelyn say things like, "lets go climb mount!" "see whales at the beach?" "hike, daddy!" We want her to know that there's so much more out there see, to do, and to not be afraid of going to the unknown. We want to immerse our girls in a world where they get dirty, pick up bugs, explore in the forests and jump in waves because thats what happiness is.. doing it as a family is just a huge plus.

Here's a few of our past adventures that we hope to go back and do one day: Smith Rock, Oneonta and Eagle Creek.

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  1. What an awesome weekend! Planning ahead is key! I always make lunches and packs snacks too! Packing lunches and food can save families big on getaways! Have a great weekend!