Thursday, October 29, 2015

Friday Five.

Happy happy happy Friday. This week was a doozy and I'm just ready for the weekend. Plus, these cute little skeletons are going trick or treating tonight! 

We're forecasted for rain Saturday so we're going to go downtown and do the small shops and if it doesn't rain Saturday we'll carry on the festivities to both days. We plan on donating some of the candy to a dentist nearby that will be giving a dollar per pound and sending the candy off to the troops. Rae's been finding random coins around the house and gets SUPER excited to put it in her "iggy bank" so she may not be too upset about giving he candy away if that means she gets a whole dollar. 

We're going as characters from the Wizard of Oz and I'm super proud that we even have a family costume this year because my DIY skills were lacking this year. I'm sure I'll gram or snap pictures tomorrow so follow along!

PS. those may be the only pumpkins we currently have at our house. I'm so lame. Oh, and I never bought Halloween jammies either. Bree's rockin Rae's old ones and Rae is wearing hers from last year. I'm kind of just not into halloween? Christmas time though.. all over that. AND it's Aubrey's first... way too excited. 

Earlier this week I took my little gal pals out for coffee. One maple and orange spiced latte for me and some extremely delicious muffin thing for Rae. Note to self: Good coffee has really good coffee and pastries. So hard to pick a favorite spot here.  

Did you hear about the BEST NEWS EVER?

I was super bummed when I finished all the seasons on Netflix a few months back. but this?! This is everything and makes me INCREDIBLY happy.

I'm also netflixing One Tree Hill... again. Which means I'm watching too much tv and probably the cause for only going to the gym twice this week. I watched this show religiously in high school andddd it's still a fav. 

and these little ladies of mine. I can't believe we'll be celebrating a third and a first birthday soon. It goes by so fast. Love you girls so much! Was that five things? I'm so tired.. going to bed. 

Hope everyone has a fun halloween weekend!! 


  1. your girls are so sweet. we got rid of netflix awhile back, but i'm thinking for the $8 a month, we need to re-subscribe to catch up on all the good shows!! AND..i wish i could find a really great coffee shop here. happy weekend!

  2. So excited about Gilmore Girls coming back :) Love the skeleton jams, we have those too! Happy Halloween weekend!!

  3. Oh, fun! And that is all the matching pajamas you need. If we ever have another girl, I hope to use all of Charlotte's clothes again. I'm hoping they'll be the same size around the same time of year and that this future non-existent baby who I think of often will be another girl. I guess I would need to get pregnant around May. Lol. ;)

    And amen to watching too much TV lately. I need to start Gilmore Girls, because I have never seen it! I was too busy watching Sex and the City. That was the same era right? Haha.

    We're expecting rain this weekend, too, but I'm hoping she can have some fun at our indoor church festival. And the dentist thing is the best idea I've ever heard. :)

  4. i wish netlix had their act together and it was out RIGHT NOW. i cant wait. i just cant wait :)