Thursday, October 15, 2015

Friday FIVE.

The past few mornings Rae has been giving us a run for our money. Up no later than 5:15, demanding milk as soon as I walk into the kitchen and throwin' all sorts of sass if things don't go her way. I am NOT a morning person, so timeouts in her room have been happening all before the wee hours of 6am.

hello weekend, I'm ready for ya.

1. This face. Obviously a favorite. I'm getting sloppy open mouthed kisses all day and I just love it. 
We had Aubrey's 9 month appointment yesterday and just as I thought her height jumped up.. she's in the 80th percentile and weighing around 17 pounds. She's healthy and definitely our laid back happy lady. 

2. Who else is LOVING the cooler weather? The afternoons have been perfect here, we're trying to spend each afternoon outside as much as we can before all the rain comes our way. So once the girls woke up from their naps, I took them to Whole Foods for a little juice date. I tried snapping (is that the correct term?) Bre trying to suck down my drink, but she just about spilled it all over the both of us so we went the picture route. 

3. Did anyone catch the fall sale happening over at gap? I work part-time at baby gap so when the sale hit the store I took the girls (at their nap time I might add) to the mall for a quick run through and left with several sandals for them for next summer for less than $2, a few other summer clothes and some sweaters for myself. I love a good heavy chuck knit sweater.

4. The Voice

This is the first season we've ever watched and I like it way better than American Idol, but am I the only one who is crying with every contestant? Handsome can't stop laughing at me because I'm tearing up every five minutes. 

5. I did a mini clean out of closets the other day and also went through the box(es) of Rae's old clothes and found these itty bitty chucks for Bre and couldn't wait to put them on her chubby legs. It was a must for us all to wear them when we went into Portland earlier this week. 

CHEERS to the weekend!


  1. chucks FOR THE WIN!!! those are seriously the CUTEST EVER.

  2. Yes--CHEERS!!! Love the family chucks and those beautiful girls!!!

  3. I am going to need to check out that Gap sale! And I love the family feet pic!