Monday, October 26, 2015

pumpkins, finally!

We finally got our act together and made it to the pumpkin patch Friday. We literally have a patch probably every five miles around here and we didn't want to go to the same one from last year so we hit up Roloff Farms.

I've personally never seen the t.v show Little People Big World, but this was their farm and it was beautiful. They were even filming while we were there and we we're able to see the parents and one of their sons and wife. We jumped on the wagon ride first thing because I knew once Rae saw all the pumpkins and activities she wouldn't want to ride. 

The wagon ride took us on a 30 min tour of their 101 acre property, it was beautiful and definitely just made mine and handsome's heart ache a little more for land of our own. They have their own three story tree house, pirate ship and castle on their property and let me tell you Rae hasn't stopped asking for one of her own since. 

We hung out with these guys..

and were a little bummed we weren't able to actually touch them. I need to make friends with a local farm so we can hang out with all the farm animals. 

Rae ran straight for these pumpkins and tried to pick up each and every one, while Bre just tried to eat every. single. piece. of hay that was on the ground. We stayed until closing time and on the way home I was telling handsome that I keep forgetting these are all of Aubrey's first holidays. I can't believe how big that little peach of ours is getting. Love sharing these memories as a family of four and seriously couldn't even imagine it any different. The rest of our weekend was pretty relaxed, halloween costumes are finished, except I should've stuffed my pockets with hay from the pumpkin patch because I forgot I need some ;)

Happy monday! We're off to find a present for my dad who will be undergoing surgery next week, prayers appreciated! 


  1. What a great looking farm! And, I agree make a farm friend for farm animal bonus buddies!

  2. Aw, what a fun trip!! The girls are just beautiful!! Lots of prayers for your dad and family!

  3. Adorable pictures as always. Looks like a beautiful farm!! :) Can't wait to see your costumes!!