Monday, October 19, 2015

Chili and things.

I plan on blogging way more than it actually happens and you can blame that on binge watching fixer upper every night. How did I ever go so long without watching this show? 

This weekend was pretty low key for us. Fall is definitely in full swing here and the evenings have been perfect to eat outside. One of my favorite things about this house is our backyard and the lights we hung up over our patio. Friday we were finally able to entertain some friends and had a little chili bar. Rae and her friend Miles were able to run around and we were able to sit back and relax for a bit. 

oh. and don't mind our dying tree's...

The rest of the weekend we watched some football, finally found/made our Halloween costumes and I did some online "shopping". I resisted buying these online and decided just to wait until they come in store to get them. I'm pretty sure every little girl is going to own these shoes but they are SO cute. Just need to find myself a pair for this winter also. 

 I know you're all going to think I'm crazy, but I've been browsing Christmas decorations. We're in a different house than we were last year and its quite a bit smaller so I've already been scheming up how and where we'll put a tree. Too soon? Probably. Also, isn't Old Navy killin it with their clothes this season? I am REALLY loving all the winter pieces.

and the sweetest thing ever tonight as I was laying in bed reading Rae her book before bed. She grabbed my face and said, "mommy, you a cutie pie". She's also named her babydoll Sugar and it cracks us up. "Sugar needs 'tisses mommy, Sugar needs to go take nap and my favorite.. Sugar, pooped her pants!" haha Her personality is so funny and I love seeing her imagination grow.


  1. So so cute. I love the lights in the back and now I'm craving some chili!! Ellie calls her doll baby and she hasn't gone as far as pooping but we have to be quiet a lot of the time because "baby sleeping in my bed!"

  2. I love those lights! Where did you get them? And yes ON is much more on point this fall! I don't usually find much, but I can't stop playing orders! And never too early for cheistmas. We are in a different house, too, and I have been planning for months! ;)

  3. Beautiful! Your backyard is so dreamy!

  4. The chili bar & backyard lights = perfection!!!! And "Sugar pooped her pants!" Bahhhaha! Love it!! Fixer Upper forever :) :)

  5. Your backyard lights....!!!!! LOVE. Oh, those boots, too cute. If you find momma-size, please share!! I need 'real' snow boots this year too and not sure where to start, been checking out Sorels but wanted to shop around a little more.