Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Shop small: Coco and Lulu Handmade

Social media can be pretty great sometimes don't you think? Aside from blogging I've also (virtually) met some of the sweetest, hardworking ladies behind small shops from Instagram.

Shopping for myself is basically long gone, but for the girls.. I could do that all day. With the endless outfit choices Rae goes through she's also really started to pick up on accessories. A month ago you couldn't get her in a dress let alone put a bow in her hair. This month, she's all about it. And the littlest babe, she can't object to much so all the bows for Aubrey girl.

Meet Erica, owner of Coco and Lulu Handmade! I found her shop through Instagram and fell. in. love. She started her shop through inspiration from her own daughter and she truly puts so much love, time and effort into every item she creates.

I really love that these bows will be able to be worn by both of my girls. The bow isn't overly big for Aubrey and not too small that it gets lost in Raelyn's crazy hair.

There's been some new bows added to her shop so be sure to check it out! Erica is also doing a special discount code for today only for 20% off with the code: KARRA

I hope you find something perfect! I may or may not be basing our Christmas card photo's off one of her bows ;)


  1. What cuties!! I always love finding good bow shops! :)

  2. ok. OBSESSED. and you know i'm always looking for more bows for the ladies. because you know 500000 isnt enough :)

  3. So cute! I have a new baby niece and I cannot resist buying her bows!!