Sunday, September 20, 2015

Picking purple apples.

We welcomed fall with open arms this weekend with apple pickin', fires and homemade apple sauce. I opted out of making cider this year because it was just such a pain last time, so we picked some up before we left the orchard instead. 

We've all managed to pass around the sniffles and sneezes so the fresh air was nice to get out in. It's been chilly (for me.. which is mid 60's) in the mornings, but it was really refreshing. I guess you could say that Oregon is definitely rubbing off on me. Rae loves riding in her wagon and it was adorable to see both girls in there this time. 

Rae was alllll over the place. She'd pick one apple.. take a bite, pick a new apple.. take a bite. Thankfully, the owners of the orchard said to sample as many as we wanted so I didn't feel too awful about all her sampling. We turned the corner at one point and she spotted purple apples and you would've thought she spotted a unicorn. Trust me, I'm still hearing about them.

We always go for the honey crisps. They are my FAVORITE and so much cheaper than buying them at the store. We picked a bunch of those and tried to take a family picture with the tripod, but little did I know I forgot the piece that attaches the camera to the tripod and self timer was a disaster so we got what we could.

Bre babe had her fair share in taste testing apples also. We came home with plenty of honey crisps, crimson red's, gala apples and another that I can't remember the name. I made a little bit of applesauce in the crockpot and I think tomorrow I'll let the girls have it in the morning. I wish the u-picks were a little closer so we could make it there more often, but I did just do a photoshoot with a family at a closer orchard that I'm excited to go back and see what they offer in their little shop.

Happy Monday! We'll be knee deep in tissues and hopefully making it to the gym today, eh.


  1. We love apple picking and went last weekend! I love honey crisps but hate how expensive they are in the store. We get gala now. Unfortunately the honey crisps weren't ready to be picked at "our farm" last weekend. We love close by so maybe I should look to see if they are now! Beautiful photos even without a tripod family photo ;)

  2. this is gorgeous!! our nearest apple orchard is an hour and a half away. so i'm fully jealous of all this yummy goodness. AND the fact that youre wearing pants. . . i miss pants.

  3. What sweet photos, I REALLY want to find an apple orchard this year to take some photos of Scarlett in... and to pick apples, of course. I miss them, we have so many back home :) I love honey crisps but I think the galas are my favorite!

  4. Beautiful! I wish we had more u-picks nearby. I doubt we have apples though.

  5. Her socks and boots are too much!!! Cam also takes a bite out of one apple then moves onto the next one. Thankfully, nobody minds! Haha :)