Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Last minute trip to Bend, Oregon

When handsome came home and told me he has thirty plus days of leave he had to use up or he was going to lose we figured this was as good as time as any to take a little trip. We have always heard GREAT things about Bend and wanted to check out the area so we packed up the car and headed to central Oregon for a few days.

If money weren't a factor we would've stayed all through the weekend, but with such short notice all the places I could find were almost $200+ a night and we just weren't prepared for that. As always, we packed the car the night before and left super early in the morning. The sunrise is always so pretty coming up over the mountains and its aways the best being able to actually have a conversation with handsome while both girls are sleeping in the backseat.

We took a scenic route most of the way into Bend and stopped at several lakes on the way. There are trails after trails after trails on this drive and each lake looked different then the last. We stopped at our first lake so I could feed Bre and let Rae run around. There were a few deer in the distance and once the fog started to clear she saw the mountains and immediately said, "lets go climb mount!". Love that girls adventurous soul.

Most of our day was spent at Sparks Lake. It was mostly dried up from the summer so we were able to walk around and see all the lava fields, climb on and through all the rock structures and chase "chicky-mama's" (chipmunks) everywhere.  Rae made sure to let us know every mountain she saw through her binoculars and insisted we go play in the snow (maybe in a few months, girl).

After a while we came back home, tried to get Aubrey down for a nap and since she slept on and off through our hike she wasn't having it. So we decided to walk to downtown Bend and grab something to eat since it wasn't far away. We ended up at the Deschutes Brewery, grabbed some dinner and two IPA's. Bend has so many different breweries than Portland does so we took the growlers to fill, but ultimately decided against filling them both and just filled one with a local cider instead. 10% cider that most definitely doesn't taste like cider will get ya though.

The next morning we woke up, found a local coffee shop that was an absolute gem and woke up enough to make our trip back home.

We stopped at the Dee Wright Observatory along the way. You can the Cascade mountain range from here as well as all the large lava flow areas.

It was a quick trip, but we enjoyed it so much. I'm glad we were able to get out one last time before it starts to get really cold. Rae showed a lot of interest in the snow on the mountains, so it looks like we'll be finding our way to the mountains this winter also ;)


  1. How beautiful! I love last minute getaways!

  2. This looks like such a beautiful place! What a fun family getaway!

  3. Seriously stunning, love love central Oregon and the drive between Portland and central Oregon so stunning!