Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Florida Vacation 2015

Major Florida hangovers over here.

but with that said I'm squealing over the fact that we just made a fire in our home and put on some cozy sweats ;)

This trip was well needed. It was refreshing, fun, relaxing and we got to see (almost) all grandparents and even great grandparents plus all my friends. I got to indulge in way too much filipino food, ate chicfila and sweet tea (heaven) and handsome and I made it on our second date night in 2+ years.. we caught fish, chased crabs, made sandcastles that looked like elephants on the beach and jumped every wave that needed to be jumped with Rae. Not to mention spending time at my moms house, playing with all my old toys with the girls and picking out sentimental pieces of jewelry from my mom to bring home.

This place is a gem and means so much to me to go back and visit every so often.

The flight there was great, Rae was entertained with everything new and ate our entire bag of snacks. And Bre, if she wasn't cat napping she was smiling at every one she could.

and now, picture overload..

Rae insisted all the dolphins we saw were whales, our little west coast babe.

and my first time flying solo with the babes. Thankfully, my mom was able to come all the way to our gate to help me through security which was amazing! We we're so sad to say our goodbye and I may have cried on the plane. The girls did exceptionally well and I was surprised that even Rae fell asleep for a good thirty minutes. 

Check out those views! Oregon is stunning, and we're so happy to be home with our handsome and pups. 


  1. The water looks unbelievably gorgeous! Looks like such a lovely vacation and especially since you can visit with family.

  2. Such sweet photos :) Family time really is the best and it's so special to have your little ones walk the same beaches you walked as a child isn't it? Looks like the girls had so much fun! xo

  3. SUCH a fun and perfect little getaway!! i mean family, food, sand & sun. what else is there?! and SO jealous of your sweats. . . instead we're sweating!