Wednesday, September 16, 2015

fall fun.

I'm officially calling it fall over here in Oregon, especially since I'm battling the onset of a cold which kind of stinks. I'm guessing its from the weather change and maybe not getting enough sleep (ahem, Aubrey). I may not be a PSL fan, but there are a few things that this weather makes me excited about. With that here's our festive fall fun I have planned so far..

1. Apple picking at an orchard
2. Make some apple butter with all the crab apples in the backyard
3. Plan a weekend getaway before it gets TOO cold
4. Make chili -- we LOVE chili over here
5. Bake nana's apple pie
6. Paint pumpkins
7. Watch Hocus Pocus
8. Go to a wine tasting
9. Get the girls in matching football outfits for game day
10. Backyard campfire and movie night
11. DIY fall crafts
12. Make pumpkin pancakes
13. Go to the drive in movie theatre
14. DIY beanies
15. Pumpkin patch
16. Pick out new candles for the season

Sounds like a whole lotta fun right? I'm excited. and I'm ordering new boots for winter asap, tell me.. sorel or north face?


  1. Do you watch Hocus Pocus every fall? Lol.

  2. Love your list!! And ohhhh I am so excited for Halloween movies! All through October it's our tradition to watch Halloween movies! :) So fun.