Thursday, September 17, 2015


More like a 7.5 month update, don't judge me. 

lets pretend that these weren't just taken moments ago and that those pretty lilies aren't mangled because a certain babe can't keep her paws off them. It's comical how fast I try to place her, grab my camera and jump up on a stool to take this picture. 

Now back to this little peach.

Seven months happened while we were vacationing in Florida and not only is she crawling now, she's sitting up on her knees, pulling up and standing any chance she can. It's a bit ridiculous and while I'm not trying to sound cliche' but c'mon child.. s l o w down. I've said it before, but it really does go by so much faster the second time around and this time I'm really trying to soak it all in. 

I love going to get her in the mornings because she pops her head up and smiles the happiest of smiles. She's pure sunshine, guys. Her deep belly giggles come from gettin' under her arms or her neck and Rae is still her favorite thing of all time. She is noticing the dogs a whole lot more and crawls to their bed anytime she can and lets Behr lick her entire face. We now have to keep the dog's water bowl up because she darts for that every time, too. 

Sleeping. eh. Remember when she was just a newborn babe and I said she was our rockstar sleeper, slept through the night and all that jazz? Long gone are those days.. don't get me wrong, still not as awful as Raelyn was, but man I could use a few nights of continuous sleep. Every night around 11 and 3am she's up, so I go in a feed her (maybe I should stop that?) and sometimes she drifts right back to sleep and other times no. I tried doing formula right before bed to see if that made a difference, nada. So.. here's to hoping teeth will be popping up shortly or maybe its because she's been sick. 

Girlfriend LOVES food. All of it. I make and freeze most of her food, squash and green beans have been favorites. Handsome was going to let her taste his pb&j and she totally went for it, shoved half the sandwich in her mouth and cried big crocodile tears when we took it all away. The mesh teether thing that you can put fruit in is a LIFE.SAVER. I bring that everywhere and if we're in the car or something I'll put a piece of ice in it if she gets too fussy and she loves it. If were at home the favorites are banana and watermelon. 

anddddd that's about it for now. Lucky you, you only have to wait two more weeks for another update ;) 


  1. Oh my gosh she's so sweet! I love the behind the scenes explanation of the monthly photo shoot, I've been thinking about how I'm going to stage the next baby's and how impossible it will be to get him lying down for the full first year, once they start moving there's no stopping them! HAHA!

  2. Ah, she's so cute! I cannot believe she's already seven months!! I feel like we were both just pregnant! I hope she starts sleeping soon…we are coming out of that rockstar sleeper stage and waking up more now, too. I long for a six hour stretch!!