Monday, August 24, 2015


Hopping on this twenty question blogging fun-- since ya know, I'm not blogging anything these days. 5 a.m "I'm hungerrrrrr, mommy!" from Rae have been real fun and short naps for Aubrey are just not leaving me with much room to sit and blog.

but! vacation mode in just a few days and i am SO. DANG. READY.

Favorite food// we've been eating nothing but chicken and veggies for weeks now so my first thought was Thai food! Seafood! Macncheese! Homemade quesadillas! haha, but really any of those.. chicken's not so bad either. I'm not too hard to please. Oh, sushi. That too.

Flip flops or high heels// I legit haven't worn a pair of heels in probably a year. Boots with a heel yes, but high heels, no. Sandals and Nike's errday.

Favorite place to shop for yourself// I hardly ever buy stuff for myself, but I do love Gap, Target, H&M and Nordstrom now that we have one nearby.

Standard coffee order// Vanilla latte, no foam. Honey latte's are quickly becoming my favorite. Portland spoils me with all the coffee shops.

Road trip must have snack// Dried mango! We never leave on a trip without it. We make our own trail mix, always grab some fruit, pb&j's and at least four bottles of water. We're usually on day trips each weekend so we've become pro's at packing up snacks.

DIY or hire out// DIY. Although, that was with one babe so we'll see how much I can do with two around.

Top 5 TV shows// That I'm watching or just top five? A little confused.. so I'm going with a little of both... Vampire Diaries, Gilmore Girls, Master Chef, Grey's Anatomy and Property Brother's. We also just discussed starting How I met your mother again, so good.

Favorite book// So, we just binge watched all the Twilight movies and I really want to say the books are my favorite, but I'll have a more adult response. I'm currently half way through Shadow of the Wind and I love it so far and half way through Wild, also pretty good.. Need some new books, suggestions please!

Favorite form of exercising// I'm pretty weak, but weights for sure. Yoga is a nice break also. I like to mix it up and can finally see the payoff from going to the gym almost daily. I really, really want to like running but I am just awful at it and crossfit is always fun to do with handsome makes me do it.

How tall are you// 5'6''

Do you try something new at restaurants or stick to your favorites// I'm a creature of habit and hate the idea of trying something new and hating it.

One make up item you can't live without// Mascara (and chap stick.)

Whats on your nightstand// Our room is small and our furniture is large so handsome get's the nightstand which I complain about at least once a month. So for now my window sill is my night stand with the monitor and phone adorning it. Sometimes my hair clip.

What's one thing motherhood has taught you// Motherhood is beautiful, it's hard, it's exhausting and every bit of it is rewarding. These two girls have taught me patience, to love hard and to journal every bit of their existence. To be the very best role model for these girls is so important to me.

Music that reminds you of high school// Old R&B or rap?

If you could live anywhere in the world besides your current city where would you live// This is discussed EVERY. night in our house. I'm going with Bend, OR for now.

Tell us something about you we might not know// I have seven tattoos (they are all pretty small) adding Aubrey's name underneath Raelyn's soon.

Websites you read/browse (besides blogs)// Well, I guess that leaves Pinterest, Facebook.. and if I'm shopping then its just a bunch of random shops.

Morning person or night owl// Night. I hate waking up early.. tell that to my two babes though.

Favorite breakfast meal// i LOVE breakfast foods! Handsome makes really good omelettes, add in some bacon (baking it is the way to go!) and fresh fruit.


  1. We used to live in Covington Ga where The Vampire Diaries was/is filmed. It is a beautiful area and I used to love jogging down Floyd Street. We now live about an hour away though. The Vampire tours are so popular there now that they are charging $55 per ticket! :)

  2. Girl, you are GORGEOUS! Seriously!! Love that photo!
    Mascara is my #1 as well... until this baby destroyed my skin :( Now I can't live without cover up! But once I get that taken care of then mascara will go back to it's #1 spot ;)
    So I think I must be crazy because I just don't really like sushi?! I don't get how people are soooo obsessed with it, ha ha!