Wednesday, August 12, 2015

'cause, baby, now we got bad blood

A week ago a friend of mine flew in from Florida to stay for the week and while I've been showing her the very best of Oregon, we also made a trip to Seattle to see our girl Taylor Swift.

We drove into Seattle early Saturday morning, parked the car and found the nearest brunch spot. We had salmon & Dungeness crab Benedict's with mimosa's before we walked down to Pike Place. 

So much to see and it was definitely a lot bigger than what I had thought. We walked around a bit, went to take a ride on the ferris wheel to try and spot some whales.. little did we know you have to take a ferry to do so and we just didn't have enough time to do that with the concert. 

We grabbed some really good ginger beers from here and decided to head back to our airbnb and rest up a bit before the concert. I will say it was my first time doing an airbnb and it was really nice. We were super close to the venue she was playing at and could hear her warming up from outside our building while getting ready.

andddddd then it was TSwift time!!!!! 

We grabbed dinner at this tiny italian place with the worst owners, but some some really good food. Had too much wine along the way but finally made it into the concert while Vance Joy was opening, bought a t-shirt and a beer and found our seats. 

it was THE best concert. So much dancing, singing, jumping.. just the best night ever. I cannot wait to go to another one of her concerts! I wish I had more pictures or even video, but both of our phones died and her go pro. 

So much coffee was needed the next day.
We grabbed some food and made our way back into Oregon. It was seriously the best weekend! I am so happy Sydney flew all this way to come with me. I'll most definitely be seeing her again :)


  1. Love this girls weekend! Can't really beat seeing Taylor Swift and exploring Seattle.

  2. Love this post! I wish I could of tagged along for this amazing weekend! Looked like a blast! Ps you are STUNNNNNING!

  3. First off that skirt is adorbs!! AND then even though I grew up in Seattle (though recently moved South) I have yet to go on the Ferris Wheel, check out that ginger beer, or go to the flower shop....I really need to be a tourist in my hometown! please tell me the list of restaurants/coffee houses you visited so I can check them out? I am so used to just going to our favorites that I rarely try something new