Monday, August 3, 2015


Six months full of slobbery open mouth kisses, lots of hair pullin' and the best dinosaur noises I've ever heard.

We get the official stats today when we go to the doctor so I'll update that when we do. Girlfriend has no trouble eating though. I haven't been feeding her puree's every night because she is still nursing pretty good, but so far she's had squash, sweet potato, banana, peas, green beans, nectarine, honeydew, apple and mango. There's a few different varieties blended up in the freezer and she gets a cube for dinner every other night or so. Giving her chunks of frozen fruit and tossing it in the mesh chew-thing? is probably her favorite. Rea gets a jealous and steals it several times and after I explained that Bre has no teeth so she has to use this she just says, "Aw-bee no teeth? Aw-bee has no teeth, mom!"

Nursing her when the house is quiet, which only happens if Rae's down for a nap, has been the best. She'll smile at me, grab a hold of my shirt to pull me closer, stroke my back with her other hand if it's wrapped around me and stick her hand up to my mouth because she thinks it's hilarious. Those moments are rare since most of the time she gets distracted with everything else goin' on and I cherish them so much. I'm ecstatic we've made it six months nursing. We have given a few formula bottles because pumping is awful, I absolutely loathe it and cannot wait to burn the pump after were completely through. She takes it just fine and it's so nice to have it as a backup if need be.

and the cuddles! Oh, the cuddles have gotten so good. I'll pick her up out of her crib after a nap and she'll just melt into my arms. Some days Rae is still asleep when she wakes up so we'll just go lay on the couch and she'll rest her head on my chest and just lay there while I get this huge lump in my throat and fight back silly tears. She'll sit up, look at me and then lay back down and I just think how so lucky I am to be a mom. It's something I'll never take for granted, these girls have changed my whole life and with Bre being our last I'm savoring it so much more.

In your whole six months of life you've been to the beach a handful of times, took your first dip in the pool, been on several hikes and you don't mind any of it one bit. You're such an easy going babe. Even when your sister is giving you "strawberries" on your belly over and over again. You giggle so hard, but you eventually get aggravated if she doesn't stop. I've caught you two sharing a book, or rather you gnawing on the corner and Rae saying, "don't bite book Aw-bee" and you just love being able to army crawl over to the dogs and pull all over them.

Speaking of army crawling... I'm not sure how you're making your way everywhere so good (and so fast) but slow down babe. I'm not ready for you to be mobile yet. I'm still trying to wrap my head around you being six months. Long gone are the days of sitting you down on your mat and you staying there. You've made your way almost into the kitchen from the living room, caught yourself under the coffee several times and like I said, the dog beds. I've even seen you getting on your knee's starting to rock back and forth.

Oh. and this.

I wanna say I hate it, but really a sitting up babe is way cute. She still needs supervision sitting up, but HOORAY for new developments! And with new developments comes less sleeping.. no more sleeping through the night with the girl. It's not awful, I'm up around 11 and 3ish to feed her and then she's up around 7 or so in the mornings. I don't mind getting up with her, but I do miss sleeping through the night uninterrupted. Combine that with some teething action and all I'm hoping for is that it doesn't get worse.

and! we pierced your ears over the weekend. I know some people really disagree with this and I totally get it, but I figure if she hates them whenever she's old enough to decide that we can take them out and they'll close up. She cried for a good five seconds after they were done, I nursed her at the mall and she hasn't made a peep since and doesn't even know they're there. We did it around the same time with Rae and Rae JUST figured out hers were pierced because she saw Aubrey's get done.

That's about it little lady, we just love you so much Aubrey. We love how you rarely cry, but instead scream at us in this hilarious way. You love your cat toy and biting on his tail all day and Rae loves that she has this real life "baby sister aw-bee" to play with all the time. win-win-win!


  1. Oh my heavens, she is just the sweetest little babe. I love those quiet moments, I can't wait to experience a second baby, I feel like I will really savour the moments a lot more knowing how fleeting they are! :)

  2. I can't believe she's SIX months already! She's absolutely beautiful and seems like the sweetest girl! Your moments while nursing are amazing and priceless. I love that you wrote down such detail - you'll remember them forever! AND, I love that you pierced her ears!! We were just talking about this last night! ADORABLE! :)

  3. She is precious! I love the monthly photos. Beautiful.

  4. The Dino noises!! They kill me.

    And I love love love the ears pierced. Seriously if lex wouldn't kill me and get all jealous kk's would be pierced too. Heck, so would Lex's.

    Happy half birthday sweet girl!!

  5. She's getting so big! So beautiful!!

  6. I am so excited to start Hudson on purees here in a few months! How did I miss that she's crawling?? Does that feel like it happened fast? She just seems like such a sweetie.

  7. Such a sweet baby girl!! But seriously! Slow down!! Sitting up and army crawling?! Why do they grow so fast?!