Thursday, July 9, 2015


I'll admit, I wasn't much of a pie lover growing up. In fact, it wasn't until after making Stefan's nana's apple pie that I had ever even made one myself and I may just just crossed over into the love of pies after our festive fourth of July berry pie.

I'm not one for cooking, I'll gladly hand over the apron for handsome to cook (trust me he's much better) but I happily do it every day and over time I've come to have an appreciation for the people who do love to cook.

and back to the pie...

This pie is simple, too simply maybe. The funnest part about making pies is making your own lattice work or whatever you call it? This is the first time I've actually found the correct pie crust (prior to this I was using fillo dough. Why? I don't know. I'm also known for breaking the rules when it comes to cooking. Whoops)

Graham Cracker Crust
Apple Pie Filling
Strawberries (ours were hand picked and DELISH.)
Pie Crust

ready for some easy peasy-ness?

Dump it all into the graham cracker crust, add some sugar if you want (we did maybe a tablespoon) and create some fun pie crust topping. Brush egg whites over crust and cover with aluminum foil. Bake at 350 for 25-40 minutes or golden brown. When it's almost done cooking completely uncover.

and done. Tell me that's not easy. It came out perfect, didn't bubble over and was even better with some vanilla ice cream.


  1. Feeling optimistic that I could pull this off too after reading your breakdown. Did you just make the pie crust, roll it out, then use cookie cutters?

  2. I love pies and have been making ten for years (trying to figure out how to perfect my moms crust recipe) it's a work in progress but always so delicious.