Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Opal Creek, Oregon

It's no secret we love to get outdoors and explore with our girls. But as most of you know, this can be no easy task. We normally prepare the night before by packing the hiking pack Rae sits is, pre make breakfast (egg and cheese wraps, baked oatmeal etc) make pb&j's, make some trail mix, get at least 4 water bottles filled, coffee's ready to run in the morning and we pack the car up. We like to go early because there is an INSANE amount of people at every single place we go to so we like to beat the crowd. We usually get up around 4ish and try to leave well before 6 depending on how far of a drive we got.

This is the way it generally goes, we know better to leave early and stay away from the heat. Alas, we're human and made a close call on our latest adventure. Rae woke up the night before our last hiking trip with a fever and that should have been enough reason to cancel, but the fever went away and we went anyhow.. just a few hours later than planned.

HOW GORGEOUS right? It was incredible out there. A super easy three mile hike and you end up at three pools, a natural waterslide made from the running water, several spots to take a dip in and just so. much. pretty. The water was so clear and you could see to the very bottom. 

(fourth of july was the next day so handsome thought the pants were necessary ;) )

The water was freezing. Which is pretty typical around here, anytime you swim near the waterfalls or  even places like this the water is usually around forty degrees. It was so hot outside, but I still couldn't do it. Handsome went in with Rae and they both said it was cold. Bre girl ate and snoozed a bit, we played here for a while, ate some lunch but with the temperature still rising we packed up since we still had a three mile hike to get back. 

and then this is where things got a little scary..It was ninety plus degrees out, Raelyn was starting to not feel good again so we pulled her from the hiking pack and she guzzled down water like it was her job. She didn't want to eat anything (not even fruit snacks or mango, which she goes crazy for) her little body was SO hot, but I couldn't tell if it was from a fever or from the heat outside. It was the longest three miles back to the car ever. Stefan carried her in his arms versus the pack and she was trying to fall asleep the whole time, but we kept her awake so we could keep giving her water. It was scary and we will definitely not ever be leaving that late for another hike. We made it to the car, she drank some gatorade we had in the cooler and passed out the whole way home. She did end up having a fever when we got back home, but it went away within an hour. I'm guessing the super chilly water didn't help either so we learned from this experience and we're so thankful it wasn't any worse.

Such a beautiful hike though, we can't wait to go back! It's easy enough for Rae to walk herself next time so it's definitely on the list to go back to before we move. 

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  1. Yikes, that is so scary! I'm glad she was okay! But good heavens, what a BEAUTIFUL spot! I wish we could come explore with you guys!!