Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Let's play some catch up

Lately I've only been able to blog about our most recent adventures (here and here) and while they are thrilling and beautiful, these two are all that plus more ;)

Raelyn is 2.5 going on five. Really though, this girl is non-stop jabbering away telling us all about her castles, what her puppy dog has been up to and making us drink all the juice blocks (her blocks are tiny juice boxes, poor girl doesn't get juice so she has to pretend lol). Along with this amazing new communication we have going on is a whole lotta spunk. We call her our little pistol because she will crank out attitude like you wouldn't believe somedays. She knows what she wants and she'll test the limits on things she knows she shouldn't do.. but then again what two year old doesn't? 

Rae's becoming even more helpful when it comes to Aubrey.. picking out her outfits, handing me diapers, reading her books, but tickling her to make her laugh is probably her favorite. She'll exclaim, "Aw-bee laughing"! When Bre does decide to cry Rae will try to comfort her by giving hugs or kisses and if it doesn't work she'll say, "Aw-bee crying all the time!" which I can assure you is not the truth but it's hilarious to hear her say that.

The airshow was this past weekend and since handsome had to be there for work the first part of the day, I brought the girls out after naps. The Blue Angels were the big finale and they just so happen to be from our hometown so it was nice to have a little piece of home in Oregon. We didn't stay too long because Aubrey gave us the saddest pouty lip anytime the jets flew by too close and it was also 100 degree's outside.

We've finally mastered naps in the crib and it wasn't as painful as I thought it'd be. and since this picture we've hung the monitor up because she kept chewing on it when she woke up.

Ballet days are hit or miss with this girl. She pretty much shows up for the bunny stamp at the end of the class, but as soon on as I turn on Pandora when we get home though she's dancin' and  twirling away. 

camping out in the living room is now asked for almost daily. We watched Little Rascals with Rae last week and handsome made us a fort to watch it in, obviously Rae was obsessed.

and now you're caught up! On top of summer being a blast I've been doing more with my photography so I've been a little caught up with that. I'm working on a website and I can't wait to share it all with you once it's complete! 


  1. The pictures with the jets......wow, nice shot!!!

  2. That is a great picture of the airshow! XO, Kelly

  3. we're in it big time with the non-stop chatter. i cant even remember the days when lex was quite for more than 5 seconds at a time! its adorable and exhausting!! and crib naps are the best ever!! horray for an easy transition-- and it frees up the rest of the house for playing (or cleaning!). love those two girls!! they're adorable!!

  4. Oh my goodness Scarlett is in that non stop chatter phase right now too, and the imagination is SO funny to listen to! :) The girls are so sweet together! I can't wait to see your website, I'm starting to work on mine but not sure which platform to go with, what are you using/did you hire anyone for it? :)

  5. We are in the chatter phase, ALL the time! Love your sweet girls!