Friday, July 24, 2015

f r i d a y.

helllloooo friday! Handsome has friday off for the second week in a row and we're obviously not complaining ;)

I shared this a few weeks back on Instagram (@karratipton) and I forgot to mention it here. Kristin from hello lovely people does AMAZING work guys. I sent in two pictures (one for outfits and one for a pose) and what I got in return was perfect! I love this little piece of artwork so much, it makes the best keepsake. How fun will it be to look back on when my girls aren't so little anymore? Sidetone: my husband is not bald haha.. I shave it weekly so it stays pretty short though. 

and have you met Juliet? We scored her at Home Depot for roughly $40.. she has multiple brown spots on her so I got a discount. So now I'm just hoping I don't kill her. I've been wanting a fiddle fig tree for quite some time now, but I didn't want to pay a hundred dollars for one. These guys are pret-tay darn finicky so lets home my parents' green thumb has rubbed off on me.. seeing as how I couldn't even keep my two succulents alive. 

Why is it when you tell yourself, "okay.. limit your sweets" it's like every dang thing I want to put in my mouth is a dessert? or is that just me? Since having Bre I'm back to prepregnany weight, but I'd actually like to put on a couple pounds, muscle wise. Which means I should probs not be making little pockets of heaven at night. 

These mini apple cinnamon pie's were easy to whip up and I suppose much better for you than a bowl of ice cream? At least that's what I'm telling myself.. 

I'm dreaming of this dress being in my closet right now... I'm hoping to take some family pictures as soon as Aubrey masters sitting on her own (we're so close!) 

and lastly! a behind the scenes shot of my first styled shoot. You can see all of the images here. I was being mentored by Angela Shae, of Angela Shae Photography and it was such a game changer for me. Hopefully I'll have my website up in a month or so and I'll be blogging my images there.


  1. I've been wanting a fiddle leaf tree for FOREVER! So jealous that your home depot carries them. For some reason I can not find one to save my life here in AZ. I guess the search continues. Hope you have a great weekend! XO, Kelly

  2. I can't wait to see your website and your images! I'm so proud of you for going for this!! You're going to be amazing at it! XO

  3. Love all of this! That free people dress 😍 you are so talented love!