Tuesday, July 7, 2015


F i v e?  As much as I truly want time to slow down, I am love love loving all the newness this month has brought on. My personal favorite being you finding your toes and sticking our tongue out all. the. time. I just love it. 

Your favs include attempting to talk to us, so much screeching? going on especially to all your stuffed animals. You get ahold of one of them, chew on them and you're in heaven. Food has totally blown your mind. You dive at the spoon and basically stare us down when we're eating something you obviously can't have. I don't think you have a favorite just as long as you're eating something. You're still nursing great except that now you get very distracted and you also like to chomp down here and there. Fun stuff ;) We did break down and buy a container of formula (something we never did with your sister) but I just don't pump enough milk to be 100% certain you'll have enough milk while I'm at work. We obviously aren't going to starve ya, so you maybe get a bottle a week and so far no confusion. Still hoping to nurse for a year or more though!

You still sleep like a champ and I am forever thanking the Lord for that. Since you now roll over you almost immediately wake up when I lay you down, so I nurse you again for a few minutes and then you drift off for the night. Some nights you'll wake up once around 4 or 5 and then go back down until almost 7ish. All naps are in your swing and man I am trying to break that, but some days I just don't feel like fighting it. 

Your eyes are still a pretty blue grayish color, much like your sisters were but I still think they'll end up changing on us. The one dimple on your left side is way too cute especially because your sister has a single dimple on the opposite side. Teething must be well in the works because you're a slobbery mess sometimes and will gnaw the heck on some frozen fruit. You also get pretty pissed once it runs out.

The jumperoo is a hit. You swat at the swinging money like its your job. I gave up on trying to give you a pacifier since you prefer your thumb over it. The ladies at the gym just love you, I'm pretty sure each time I go to pick you up they comment on how sweet you are. And you are just that babe, the sweetest thing ever. Your easy disposition charms us all day long. The way you smile so big when your sister is around could almost bring me to tears each time. You love when we get your hands and stick them way out for us to do so, too. Bath time is still a hit but some nights we don't get you rubbed down with coconut oil and jammies on quick enough and you surely let us know. You're such a gem Aubrey babe, your laughter is the best. We love you so much Bre!


  1. So sweet! My little girl is coming up on 5 months next week—I swear they grow faster the second time around, because it seems like I JUST had her. I'm digging those shorts in the last photo...do you know where they're from? Also, do her feet reach in the jumparoo? We just put her in ours this weekend and even though she's a long baby, she still has a long way to go before she reaches. I can't remember when I put my oldest in hers, but this girl needs some more entertainment during the day, so I figured she'd love it.

  2. toe finding is just about the CUTEST!! i LOVE her. she's so darling!!!

  3. okay she is seriously SO CUTE!!! love her 4th outfit! such a smiley babe :)hahah I love that she is loving food and stares at you when you eat. I bet it's hard to not give her some! love her cute bird onsie, too! she is such a gorgeous little lady!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  4. She is just the cutest thing! I remember this age was really fun!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv