Monday, July 20, 2015

Abiqua Falls

Hooray for an unexpected three day weekend right? Handsome had the day off Friday so we looked at our list of must-see places and decided to head to Abiqua Falls.

You guys, this place is BEAUTIFUL. I was really nervous about taking the girls out here because from what some reviews said online there were some steep areas where you'd have to use the ropes to get down/up. Luckily though it was totally doable! Maybe they were referring to kids who were walking, but since we were carrying both babes we were able to make it with no problems and the view was stunning when you got there.

So pretty right??! Since we went on a week day we had this place all to ourselves which made it even more special. The hike was a quick mile or so since we were able to take the jeep through most of the trail. There we're several steep spots and we used the ropes just so we didn't slip on rocks since we were carrying the babes.


Since we did have it all to ourselves we ended up staying longer than we planned and Bre started to fall asleep so we made a little makeshift tent for her to nap under.

We skipped rocks, ate some lunch, showed Rae all the baby crawfish we kept finding and hunted for salamanders. It was such a fun day! This place was magical and we will definitely be coming back. 

Every new place we get to explore we always question whether or not we could see ourselves living here permanently way further down the road. The PNW is filled with so much to see.. the coast, the mountains, every different terrain you can think of is in Oregon. It's really amazing and I'm so thankful we are here to show Rae all of this beauty. She may not remember all of our adventures and Bre most definitely won't, but they'll always have pictures to look back on.


  1. I love the PNW and Oregon is pretty cool, though I am partial to Washington...

  2. Seriously after seeing your posts from the PNW I want to go on a family trip next summer! I've always wanted to visit Oregon, but even more so now. That photo of you and your hubs is incredible, I just love it. Definitely canvas worthy ;) Hope you're well xo

  3. Thank you for the advice of the steep areas and doability of the hike. The fiance and I plan to say our vows here and living on the East Coast proves challenging to plan without being there to see for ourselves.