Sunday, June 28, 2015

the time I didn't blog for a week.

Well sort of oops. It's actually kind of great to take a break from everything once in a while.

This is how we're currently feeling about tomorrow being Monday and also about editing about a thousand pictures.

This weekend forecasted to be over 100 degrees each day so we pretty much decided that our hiking plans weren't going to happen. It would just end up being miserable for all four of us. That okay though because Rae had her first day of swim lessons this weekend and good thing it was a pretty cheap class because while she LOVES it, it's all stuff we could basically do on our own with her. Maybe that's just how the first class went, but I really hope they do more 'lesson' type stuff with her. 

Since Bre babe couldn't join in on the fun and they wouldn't let us all swim after Rae's class we ran around in the freezing splash pad for a few before we took it on back home for nap time. 

We ended up going to a friends house for dinner. It's always so nice to get out of the house to hang out and have normal adult conversation with other people. Rae and her friend Miles slide down the slide into a pool for a good two-three hours and she was completely worn out when we got back home, win-win!

and Sunday handsome took the girls out on his own for the very first time. Rae is still OBSESSED with the jeep. Jeep rides, jeep toys, playing in the jeep you name it, so she was pretty thrilled about getting to go with dad and aw-bee on a ride. I'm also considering turning her car seat around here soon. As soon as she get's weighed this week at her appointment I'll know if I'll need to based on the weight restrictions on her car seat. I think the Britax one in my car goes rear faced up to 35 pounds? To you mama's with two babes, what car seat does your oldest use when your youngest moves into a bigger car seat? I can't believe how big she's getting. The both of 'em! 

and now I'm off to dream about krispy kreme donuts. I skipped the gym everyday last week except Monday and I'm totally going to pay for it this week.


  1. aw-be isn't catching on to the jeep excitement quite yet, i see.

    and did Rae go down that big slide? Looks like fun! Can't wait to see them swimming skills in just 2 months! YAY!

    I recognize that snazzing fabric,too!

  2. group swim lessons i swear are more for "being comfortable in the water and learning to have fun". at least ours were! now that lex is in privates she's learning REAL swimming (ish. something happened a year ago and homegirl got TERRIFIED of the water and we're slowly building our way back up to water-rat). so hold out for that?

    and those girls nestled in the jeep is SO CUTE!!

  3. Glad you had a good weekend! The girls look so cute and happy in their carseats!

  4. Taking a break is so good for creativity! I keep wanting to get Ellie into swim lessons but I'm having a hard time setting time aside to do some research...

    I am so impressed that you still have Rae rear facing! We turned Ellie around a little early but with my long commutes to work and the weather being unusually warm I wanted her to get some air! I transport three kiddos in my car one is in a booster and the other two are in convertibles. Ellie is in a Britax and the other is a Safety First (it's the one my nanny family provided...)

  5. sounds like a good weekend! I used to teach swim lessons and i totally agree- it's pretty much stuff you can do yourself haha kids learn for sure but it's nothing that is too hard to teach :) I am LOVING your swimsuit top!!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  6. Our swim class was the same way, and I was also really happy it was cheap. The "instructor" didn't do all. On the bright side, I got to have some fun in the water with my little girl! Question—when do you go to the gym? I'm realllllly trying to fit it into my schedule, I just need to do it already.