Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Raeisims: Part Three

The last post I did like this was just three months ago, but I feel like her vocabulary has expanded immensely since then. The way she pronounces things and her little girl voice is just my absolute favorite.

Anytime someone is chasing her or tickling her she'll say, " I got'chu daddy" which is so dang cute because we're really the one's getting her.

We've turned over a new leaf and veggies are so in right now. Almost every lunch and dinner she asks for, "pep-pas, sweet tay-poles or salat" (peppers, sweet potato, salad).

Almost every morning she wakes up and says, "I'm awake! I cook cake cakes" (pancakes).

When she's doing her business she always say's "one more, one more" 

Everybody is "sweeeeeet mommy, sweeeet daddy, sweeeeet aubrey".. the dogs, the fish, marshall you name it. They are sweet.

Anytime she has her pretend phone its either "Lola" or "Errrr" (my mom, or Auntie Erin)

Auntie Erin has also taught her via FaceTime that her puppy and baby have to poop on the toilet so now throughout the day she tells me "baby potty" Thanks Erin ;)

As fiesty as she can definitely get she'll thank you a million times "THANK you mommy, THANK YOU" 

She also expects us to have coffee in the mornings if we don't already have our mugs out. "daddy cockee? mommy cockee?"

"Run daddy, RUN" or "I fast!" are nonstop after dinner. We usual head into the backyard to burn off some of her energy and handsome basically has to run with her the whole time.

Rae shouts no every time I try and sit down with her to learn the alphabet. Sometimes it discourages me, but girlfriend knows a ton of three, four word phrases, all the animals you could think of and repeats EVERYTHING. If a toy or something repeats the abc's she's more likely to join in, so for now I just sing it randomly and she just says no throughout it all. Hoping she'll be more interested soon.

It's so nice to be able to have a semi-conversation with her nowadays. Some things I love.. the "I luh you mommy" and some things are not so great like having her opinion on what to wear each day (it's always the "f//k" (fox) shirt). I love this little girl. She's my little bestie and most days she makes me want to pull my hair out, but she always knows how to make me melt.


  1. Too adorable!! Ellie also says "no no no" when I sing a song she doesn't want (itsy bitsy spider) it cracks me up!

    Oh Rae, one day I will get you to say my name just as much as you say, Chopper & Boy.
    and wow, is she learning so much! her vocabulary and personality sure has grown since January! I can't imagine how much she will know in August!
    Her imagination is incredible & I just love exploring it with her..maybe bringing on new habits you resent me for later..lol (sawwwwrie)
    It's the sweetest thing to hear her voice and hear her just ramble as I try and keep up! She just cracks me up!
    She's an absolute doll & I can't wait to see you guys SOON!!YAY!