Tuesday, June 9, 2015

popcorn and popsicles

We've busted out the tent on several occasions to have living room campouts, but now that we finally have a big enough back yard and the weather is perfect we couldn't wait to camp in the backyard with Rae. Handsome set everything up in the afternoon and she kept asking to go night night. We hung out, ate dinner out back and waited until it was bedtime for the littlest. 

This would've been a great time to do a trial run with Aubrey camping, but she has a little cold and I didn't want the cool morning to make it even worse. I'm sure we'll plan an actual camping trip this summer and it'll go just as smoothly as last years

It doesn't get dark here until almost ten o'clock, so we shared popcorrrr and 'sicles until the sun went down. We don't have a fire pit so we made our own and didn't plan ahead so no smores this time. Although, if I'm being perfectly honest I can only eat like one smore so I wasn't heartbroken. We counted all the stars in the sky and watched the momma bird bring back food to her babies in our tree. When it was finally time for bed girlfriend talked my ear off for a good hour before she finally settled down. My dear, sweet husband was out within minutes and if you really knew him then you'd know that's pretty typical ;) 

The dogs were in heaven being able to sleep with us and with much surprise they stayed on their side of the tent all night. Rae slept all night and we all woke up around six o'clock and decided it was a good day for cake cakes (pancakes). Making memories and creating traditions with the girls is something important to us. I hope that she loves doing this just as much as we do. 


  1. This sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to be able to have campouts with my little man when he's older!

  2. So much fun! We'd love to do this with the girls

  3. That is so cute. My husband was just saying we should camp out in the yard one night this summer. You make it sound like fun! I'm not much for camping myself though. But perhaps.

  4. That sounds like a fantastic day! How fun and I'm with ya on the s'mores I can only eat like one or two - they are so messy and I don't do messes very well.

  5. only ONE s'more?? C'mon! You are not fooling me... ;)

    Camp Tipton looks pretty snazzy & I'm sure Rae's is going to remember this tradition forever!

    p.s. holy fire pit! is that a grill?

  6. Oh so much fun!! We are planning on doing this with Scarlett sometime this summer.. she LOVES setting up the tent in the house so I can imagine camping in the backyard would be a huge hit for her!