Thursday, June 11, 2015

hey hey friday!

Does anyone else do a happy dance when Friday rolls around? Handsome's been working at a different position that has him leaving the house extra early some days so we look forward to weekend morning cuddles (& coffee in bed).

Living close to Portland gives us endless places to go for brunch and endless coffee shops, but sometimes I just don't have it in me to deal with the parking and the stress, so Panera is where it's at some days. One just opened up near us and we had a little girls date one morning, or rather just a Rae & momma date since Bre snoozed through it. That special time with Rae is hard to come by sometimes, but it's also even more rewarding for her and I both when it does happen. 

... not that she minds at all when Bre's around. This sisterly love thing they have goin' on is pretty much my fav. and I'm taking total advantage of it now, because I foresee toy sharing becoming an issue once the littlest can grab more. 

I'd say that we're finally back into the old Karra & Stefan as far as working out and eating healthy goes. Anyone who knows me knows I love sweets and being pregnant was the best excuse to go through a gallon of vanilla ice cream each week right? We're definitely not dieting and I hate that term anyhow, but we're eating much better. Our weekly rotations lately have been chicken and roasted vegetables and big chicken salads. Surprisingly, I haven't got sick of either yet. Handsome requested burgers one night so because bread was a no go we did mini burgers with sweet potato buns and this coleslaw-- yum! I'd love to hear some of your go to meals! 

If you come to our house you may be pleasantly surprised to see all the rocks in our backyard painted. It's been the best summer activity and has kept Rae busy for a solid hour each time. And because she almost always ends up painting her legs she just gets in the pool.. easy clean up! Bre has yet to become a masterpiece.. 

And because no post is complete without this smile. She's loving the jumper we busted out even though we have to stuff a pillow under her little legs and I'm loving her in this head wrap from the lovely Tawnya! Happy Friday, friends! 



  1. That's it. I'm coming over forever- workout sessions, good food, and painting rocks. SIGN US UP.

  2. I would have never thought of sweet potatoes for buns! Great idea and I bet it was delicious!!! I totally have the old pregnant excuse to eat anything and everything! UGH!

    Have a great weekend. :)

  3. Love that you guys work together to eat healthy :) Adam is super supportive of me too and I just find it so awesome, he's just always game for whatever! I just love the photos of your girls together, they're so sweet and of course I LOVE Bre's head wrap ;)

  4. our dirt is more rocks than dirt so we have a plethora of them just laying around. Actually more like piles here and piles there and I just don't know what to do with them! But Ellie loves to paint (much longer attention span than crayons) and I think this would be perfect for her! Now if only I can get over the potential mess we'd have done it ages ago!!

    And yay for Portland!! It's so much fun!