Thursday, June 18, 2015

f r i d a y

Helllloooooo Friday! Handsome comes back today and Lord knows we all have been missing him this week. We survived, with lots of post nap pool time and "pop-pops".

I dug up Rae's old swim suits and instantly went to mush as I put Bre in her first swim suit. I'm biased, but they are SO CUTE. If you only knew the struggle I endured to get Raelyn into hers though... this was about twenty minutes prior to the sweet sister picture. 

We are most definitely going through a wardrobe crisis here and if I could just ease up and let her wear whatever she picks out then our mornings would probably go a whole lot smoother. Right now she's objecting to dresses, skits, swim suits and pretty much wanting to live in her cat sweater and shorts. We also start ballet next week so here's to hoping this phase is short lived and she will let me put her in a leotard. 

and while I was pulling out Rae's old clothes, I was also packing up some of Bre's clothes to donate. Time, you sort of suck sometimes. The realization of our littlest already growing out of her clothes and getting older leaves me a little bit sentimental. I whipped up some baby food for her this week and she's a total fan of the banana+squash combo and sweet potatoes. Slowwwwww down, baby!!

In other news,  I've been working on a blog post about tiny home dreaming and I came across this picture on Insta and fell. in. love. Brass has really been catching my eye right now and I just love how it looks against the tile. 

I hope you all have a great weekend celebrating the special dad's/husband's in your life! 


  1. Yay for swim suits!! Boo for wardrobe issues. The ONLY thing that's roped lex in is giving her two choices. And if they involve pants (because weather) promising to let her change when she gets home. Toddlers are crazy man!

  2. I have to let Palmer choose her outfit too. Seriously, the things she picks out sometimes...toddlers. I often have to just give her 2 choices and hope for the best!

    Happy weekend, love!

  3. Your daughters are the cutest! My son is almost 3 and pretty laid back about choosing clothes (though he does have his favorites) but I always let him choose his own PJs and somehow that seems to fill his need to be in charge in that department (for now anyway!) Happy weekend!

  4. Your girls are so darling :) Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  5. Ellie usually nixes most of the wardrobe options I give her...but I end up putting her in th anyways. I let her pick out her shoes and she always goes for her floral Moccs. What fun times with the babes.

    Happy Father's Day to handsome!

  6. Arden had that yellow polka-dot suit too and when I saw your picture on IG I wanted to dig it out and put it on Nash! ;) So fun that all of Rae's clothes are going to get a second life! Maybe even the cat sweater?! ;) Have a great weekend friend!