Thursday, June 4, 2015


The smile gets better and bigger with each month, as do her cheeks and I just can't get enough.

You're our little slice of heaven sweet girl. You seriously just ooze sweetness and smiles all day, especially for Rae. You don't even mind when she climbs into your crib in the mornings. In fact, I get squeals from the both of you. You've mastered grabbing my hair, the dogs hair, Raelyn's hair basically anything within reach is yours now. Teething must be well in the works because you just gnaw all over whoever is holding you and you're pretty obsessed with chewing on your fingers. Teething toys just don't cut it for ya. Your rolling over here and there, but only ever belly to back. You're trying REAL hard from back to belly though. We whipped out the bumbo and your sister took claim to that real quick, but thankfully she loves to share with you so now she wants you to sit in it at all times. Oh, and this unprompted handholding that's been going on. I melt.

You're still sleeping through the night for the most part. About once a week you'll get a little hungry around 3am. I'll feed you and then you're good until about 7 or 8. Most days we make it to the gym and everyone in there is just in love with you. You haven't cried on me yet, you like to save that for as soon as we make it back home because by that point you are hungry

Your dad sent me this little video while I was at work last Sunday.

He fed Rae her first food (banana) and now the watermelon with you. You apparently loved it which is no surprise. We've eaten a whole watermelon every week for the past month or so. At your three month appt we got the go ahead for introducing food, apparently you don't have to wait until six months anymore. I think we might hold off a bit, but I'm actually really excited to start making baby puree's again! We're still in full force as far as breastfeeding goes. I worry that working out will somehow effect my supply so I always make sure to still get in enough calories to keep it up. You have began to get distracted by Raelyn running around or the dogs lately too while nursing. 

You've bought so much love and laughter into this house and I couldn't imagine it any other way. I pray every night for you and your sister. I hope you always love her as much as you do now, its beyond sweet to watch her interact with you and you just light up. I hope tickling your toes and giving you raspberries on your neck always makes you laugh. We're pretty crazy about ya, babe. Happy four months my love. 


  1. Happy 4 months, Bre! She looks like the sweetest little angel! and the HAND HOLDING! GAH!

  2. She melts me! Seriously so stinking cute! I love all her big big smiles!!

  3. Everything about that 4 month picture...OMG!! I just love her and that sweet smile! There really isn't anything better than watching siblings's magical. Happy 4 months, sweet girl!