Thursday, May 7, 2015


It's no secret that I love accessorizing the girls with some sweet headbands and hair clips. I'm pretty sure every girl mom can agree that matching bows to outfits, to coordinating them with sisters is pretty much a dream.

When I came across Anzanas Treasures on Instagram and say how different each of her pieces were, I couldn't get them in my cart fast enough. 

You see, a few months back Rae pretty much objected to anything I put in her hair, to me even touching her hair. We've come to terms that some days she'll be rocking a messy bun and then some days she lets me braid it and even put a bow in. I love, LOVE that these bows can be worn on either babe because of the nylon elastic! I can see a trend happening all over insta and love that Anzana has started out with the nylon from the very beginning. The hairband also don't leave pesky marks on the babe's heads when taken off.. total plus! 

Our set was from the mystery grab bag on her Etsy page, which is completely fun because it's a little surprise when you get it home! Anzana was nice enough to gift us a few extra's but I can definitely say this won't be our last time ordering from her. She also has the cutest dresses and jewelry holders that would be perfect for any babe! 


  1. So darling!! and rae's hair is so precious with that braid!! :) XO

  2. Bow..!!! These are so cute, different & unique, I think!! :) I still feel new to the girl-mom-game, so I love hearing about good bow shops. :) You're girls are too dang cute.

  3. Rae's hair is the cutest. I actually wish I could do it myself! And those bows are amazing. Palmer is in a huge "i don't want my hair did" phase, and it drives me crazy. She doesn't have too much hair to begin wit0h, but the ratted mess in the back...ugh!