Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Smith Rock and The Painted Hills

The past four day weekend severed us so well. We jumped on the fact that handsome and I were both off and decided to celebrate our anniversary early! Exploring Oregon as much as we can is one of our main goals while were here. It's no secret that we hope to make our way back to the South, so seeing as much as we can out here is top priority. 

Traveling with two little babes can definitely be challenging and it's so easy to forget that we have a two year old and an almost four month old so we go into all our adventures with little expectations. We got lucky this trip and both girls were a dream. We packed up the car the night before and left the house at 4am. We got to Smith Rock around 7:00 and the hype is real guys. So much beauty in one area! Smith Rock is the mecca for climbers, the home to bald eagles and hiking trails that leave you gasping for air. We opted to take the longer trail with the steadier incline because if we were just going to be there for one day I wanted to see it all. Eight miles, one nursing sesh for the littlest and one potty break for Rae and we made it without much fuss. Rae pointed out all the climbers, we spotted a bald eagle nest and ate a whole bag of dried mangos. The views were amazing and I hope we get to go back again.

We finished around 11:00 and I couldn't believe the amount of people that were just getting to the park. It was memorial day weekend so I knew it'd be busier than normal,  I am so glad we got there early, not only to beat the heat but all the people too. 

We headed to check into the hotel and since Rae cat napped in the car on the way to the hotel she was all fired up and definitely not napping. Handsome and I were up at 3am and then hiking, we were beat. So while Rae ran around the hotel room, peeking out the window, body slamming into handsome we attempted a quick nap. A hour went by and the plan was to go to dinner but we were so close to other places on our must see list we packed the girls back into the car and headed toward The  Painted Hills, another one of Oregon's Seven Wonders

We've managed to get to five out of the seven wonders in the year we've been here. There's definitely not enough time to see everything this state has to offer, but what we've seen so far is pretty magical. Everything about these hills looked fake. Such a sight to see though! 

Taking the girls out is something so important to us. Kids naturally love to be outdoors and we do everything we can to fuel that. I'm not sure how much the girls will even remember of these adventures, but there will always be pictures for them to look back on. Hopefully they will love getting outdoors and exploring as much as we do. Spending our early anniversary getaway with the girls doing what we love most was perfect. So happy to do life with this handsome man of mine. 


  1. Laughing at the fake hills. But how wonderful that you have seen so much while you've been there. And kids love exploring outside!

  2. Happy anniversary!! Such a gorgeous way to celebrate!!! And such a cute looking fam!

  3. What a great trip! I love it when I see other families taking trips with littles. While our kiddos may not remember all the details I think it's so important to give them the experiences and to get an early start on this stuff, it will make future trips much more smooth if they are already used to travel!!

  4. I never knew this existed in Oregon, absolutely stunning. I'm seriously amazed, such gorgeous photos and kudos to you guys for having the balls to go out with the kids so young despite the potential for disaster, so awesome.

  5. So amazingly beautiful! Love the picture of your daughter in the painted hills from a distance. Definite framer!

  6. These pictures are breathtaking & beautiful! What a fun trip!