Tuesday, May 19, 2015

R & A

Two girls, it still makes my heart burst seeing the two of them together. 

When Aubrey was first born I thought she looked just like Raelyn. As the weeks go by they look completely different to me. While there are some similarities there are so many differences between the two.

For some reason they do the second set of shots here at three months instead of four so the stats will be a bit off. 

Rae: four months
14lbs 6.5oz
25 in.

Bre: three months
13lbs 2oz
24.5 in

As far as sleep habits go Aubrey takes the cake. She's been sleeping through the night since about two months, maybe longer? Maybe once a week or once every two weeks she'll wake up, handsome changes her and I nurse her and back down she goes. Rae maybe slept through the night a handful of times until finally at fifteen months she decided sleep was pretty awesome. Both girls weren't fond of a pacifier and while we're still trying to tell Aubrey it's way cooler than her thumb she's just not having it.

Nursing with Rae was easy peasy. The typical first few weeks were a pain, but I never had the latching struggles that I did with Aubrey. We're three months in and things have gotten way easier so were hoping to make it to a year or more again. 

At this point there isn't too much to compare. Both babes love being talked to, not baby talk but just normal conversation. They both smile with their eyes and they each have a dimple on opposite sides of their cheeks... and pictures galore!

(the quality in these photos kill me... I'm guessing it's the app I used for the side by sides, so please forgive me)


  1. you know i love a good side-by-side. I've been meaning to post another for awhile, maybe I'll get to that! I think they definitely look alike!

  2. They sure do look alike. But side by side you can certainly see a bit of a difference. It'll be sweet to see them grow up a bit and see if they start looking more different.