Thursday, May 21, 2015

hello four day weekend.

First and foremost, my prayers and thoughts go out to all the families who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. We lost a friend from high school in the line of duty and he was one of the sweetest souls. It's such an honor to be an American and I think so highly of the men and women who serve everyday. With that I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day weekend!

aaaaand we finished up Parenthood last night. I cried like a baby and handsome giggled at me every time, nothing new. Really though, probably the top three favorite TV series EVER. I also just finished up Vampire Diaries and cried through that as well. Again, I should be reading a book instead of watching all this tv. I'm getting on that asap. Promise.

I almost wrote a whole post on this itself, but holy cow being a parent is tough sometimes. Rae has been pushing the limits with ev-ery-thing lately. I mean crying uncontrollably for no reason, not listening, running away from us and it has been driving me nuts. I like to think of myself as a pretty reasonable parent especially when it comes to things she wants to do or have, but this last week kicked my butt. Tears were shed between the both of us and she was sent to her room multiple times to cry because as least she can do that behind closed doors. It wasn't until last night that I noticed she had a molar! Well hello worst mom of the year. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say maybe all this unusual behavior is related to that? Her left molar is completely up and the right is just barely showing.. I had no idea. She was still sleeping through the night, getting her to bed was the struggle. She needed the cow. her car. phone. book. puppy. HORSEEEE in bed with her and then tisses on her toe, on her scratch, on her belly and on and on people. Someone please tell me it all subsides soon. I'm ready for my sweet fun Rae-ritto to come back.

and because I've got nothin' else here are some favs of some family pictures we had done a few weeks back. I won a free session from instagram from Layce Nicole Photography and was so excited to finally have pictures of the four of us. However, Raelyn did not share my enthusiasm. She was a grump through the whole thing but we did get a few good ones. 


  1. Ahh those photos are the best!! SO so beautiful.

    I think Ellie has a molar coming in too, I can't see or feel it but her behaviour has been less than desirable as of late as well.....

  2. Well those photos are certainly stunning!! Molars are the worst. Aria had one right after the other for weeks and weeks. One would finally pop and a new one would start. We are still working on the fourth right now, but I was hoping that was the cause of the drama around here. Fingers crossed. Such exhaustion.

  3. I understand the toddler insanity. The bedtime routine used to be like that.... and still is a bit, but it comes and goes in phases of severity. A lot of it was related to naps too, like how tired she is at bed. I still deal with a lot of limit testing and flat out not listening. Except I get a lot of sass in return. We are not at our best lately :( The photos are so pretty, so awesome you won them!

  4. Those photos are gorgeous!!! You guys fully win cutest family ever!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Oh toddlers..!! 'Tough' is an understatement. You aren't the only one. I blame it on frontal lobe development.. Haha!! We went through the same thing with Tyson and his molars (and I didn't realize til they were poking through either). I've also noticed we have bad/rough days, and then very soon after it's like his speech is more developed or some other development emerges. Hang in there, you are doing SUCH a great job. :)