Monday, May 18, 2015

happy monday

Despite waking up super tired this morning (parenthood binging) I made it to the gym, did laundry, started on dinner and it's not even noon yet. It's a good thing Rae loves going to the gym so much because it actually makes me want to go. They have this huge slide and play set so she always gets super excited when I say were going to the gym. 

This weekend turned out to be a whole lotta fun considering I didn't have anything planned. I'll check the weather throughout the week so I can see if we'll head towards the mountain, the gorge or the beach and since it changes from day to day I just figured we'd wing it. Both girls still have a runny nose so we stayed close to home Saturday and went to see Pitch Perfect 2.

Rae's never been to the movie theatre, but I figured she would love the experience since after all the girl loves tv and there would be singing involved. I probably should've taken her to see something she'd be more interested in, like a cartoonish movie but we did make it through the whole movie! Although, seven bathroom trips were involved only three of which she actually used the bathroom. She devoured her whole bag of popcorn along with ALL the snacks I smuggled in my purse and once the lights went out she was super interested in the lights on the ground. Overall she did great though. Aubrey was content the whole time, I did have to nurse her but after that she slept through it all. I will say we probably won't be doing it again for a while because we were so caught up in trying to prevent Rae from having a melt down that we were both a little distracted. The movie was super cute though! I still liked the first better ;)

Saturday we went to another favorite spot of ours here. While we really wanted to get out and do a hike, I just didn't think Aubrey would be completely happy in the ergo/solly for hours at a time. When I carried her around last weekend to Lincoln city (blog post to come) she did great, but we also took our time. I'd hate to be on a crowded hike and her start to get fussy or she start crying and we still have to make it back down a hike. One of our biggest goals is for Rae (and Aubrey when she's older) to experience the outdoors. Obviously all kids love to be outside, but we want her to explore, get dirty and know that there's so much out there. Rock climbing, snake hunting and picking wildflowers were on our agenda and we did it all. 

After a quick nap in the car on the way home from the girls we spent the rest of the day playing in the sun. 

I lived on these popsicles growing up! Handsome and Rae tossed the water balloons around and Rae would feed watermelon to marshall here and there. Another good weekend in the books! 


  1. gak! i'm so jealous you got to see PP2! im obsessed with numero uno so i'm excited for the second! and i love you for taking the ladies!!

  2. Soooo impressive that you took both girls, seriously!!!! Great weekend!

  3. LOL I remember living off those popsicles with you :) Love that you are teaching the girls to be so outdoorsy! -Nina