Friday, May 15, 2015


Such a fan of French Press Morning's prints. I especially love this one and think it needs to be added to our non-exsistent gallery wall that I keep telling myself I need to do. 

Sun screen has finally made it's way into my purse and I even managed to lay out and soak up an hour worth of time in the sun yesterday during nap time. How I used to just lay out for four+ hours, with baby oil on the beach is beyond me. Not to mention my poor, poor skin.. sun screen all day, everyday. That is definitely one thing I will stress to my girls, a nice tan is never worth the risks of cancer.

We've been trying to cook lighter and healthier, minus this past weekends birthday treats. These black bean burgers are always a favorite paired with a lighter version of texas roadhouse fries and it's a repeat on our summer menu planning. Thinking next time I'll sub in some sweet pots or even this salad. 

If it's not raining you can find these two rollin around in the grass after dinner each night. I love our backyard so much. There's enough room for both pups and Rae to run around and the big tree in the middle gives off enough shade that it doesn't get obnoxiously hot too fast. I could live in a constant state of spring/summer and be perfectly content.

and this babe.

I could just eat. her. UP. I know she's my child, but she is the best. Poor girl caught her sisters cold and is sneezing up a storm, but snot and all she's still such a dream. 

Happy weekend friends!! 


  1. I love spring and summer too! I just can't wait for the pollen to be gone and to take care of the bees... They are both ruining my idea of outside living :). Have a great weekend!

  2. Seriously.... sunscreen allll day, er'day!
    Your backyard is so dreamy! I miss the green! We have a huge backyard, literally, huge.... and it's ALL rock. Gotta love AZ landscaping.
    I've never tried black bean burgers. I'm so curious to try it! One of our staples is sweet potato chips! Easier to slice and bake to a crisp without half burning, half turning out soggy, ha!

  3. Your back yard looks wonderful. We have no landscaping in ours yet, just grass, which is fine, but I wish it was a little more dreamy! We haven't quite had that hot weather like you have yet, but hopefully soon!!! :)

  4. Oh, your backyard..!! Awesome. :) Also, those potatoes look BOMB. And that little sister, too dang cute. :) Enjoy the weekend.

  5. First that print is so beautiful I love it. Second, I must be ADD or something because I have always had the hardest time just laying out in the sun, my mind is always racing and I keep thinking of things I need to do....but sunscreen needs to be more of a part of my daily routine (for Ellie too!)