Sunday, April 19, 2015


Ever have one of those weekend you just want to put on repeat? Yeah, this past weekend was definitely one of those.

yummy baby legs. yes please.

With the weather being absolutely perfect we soaked up every bit of the sun all weekend. Friends came over Friday to play some corn hole and we ordered some pizza. It was exactly what we needed, especially for Rae since she got to run around all evening with her friend. 

Saturday morning after we all finally got out of bed *ahem* aubrey, we decided it was time to finally take Rae fishing for her first time. Handsome has always talked about taking the girls on their first fishing trip and I'm so glad he was able to fulfill that this weekend. It was so fun watching her go nuts over the worms and fish. 


On repeat any time the sun is out. 

We're pretty much living off fresh fruit and veggies around here and I can't wait to make some popsicles for the summer! Strawberry fields are apparently starting early this year so hopefully we get to go strawberry picking before too long!

Sunday handsome took Rae out fishing again bright and early for a little dad-daughter date and she had a blast. I'll post more on that later on this week, but I will tell you she caught her own fish and was SO proud!

A while back I won a spring mini session on Instagram for the ever so talented Layce Nicole Photography. Poor lady, she handled Rae's meltdowns so kindly. I knew Rae wasn't going to willingly smile at the camera and she definitely showed it, so here's to hoping we get at least one good family picture. Not to mention she had an accident TWICE. what? of course on all days. Ever since I've been letting her play outside she's been having an accident maybe once every other day because she doesn't tell me when she has to potty until she's already peeing. Totally my fault I guess, so now I'm just going to start putting her back on the toilet to avoid these accidents.

Happy Monday friends! 

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  1. I've read a lot about mini sessions with photogs. I am thinking I need to do one since it's so expensive to get photos done. I love them outside but can't beat the jcp prices...