Thursday, April 2, 2015

picky picky pasta eater

Rae's always been my little carb lover, can't say I blame her pasta is one of my weaknesses also. and cookies. but girlfriend probably hasn't ate a vegetable in well over a month. It's probably my lack of placing them on her  plate because they end up getting fed to the dogs anyhow, but as of tonight she's getting veggies with every meal. She gets a powdered fruit/veggie mix added into her milk, but I would still love for her to actually eat vegetables. 

How do you mama's do it? I'm in need of some serious meals that she'll eat. I started looking into pasta casserole's that included veggies, but so many of them are loaded with cheese and we're really trying to stick to clean eating since we ate way too many tubs of vanilla ice cream while I was pregs. 

send some recipes my way! or tag me in some on pinterest! I don't want to stress it too much because she does eat fruit like a champ, but we need to work on our veggie game.

It's a good this this one is easy to please. milk coma's all day.


  1. I had a very picky pasta eater too, and I found myself in a spot very much like you about 2 years ago. Rae isn't going to start eating salads overnight (Amelia still won't touch one), but it's a ton of baby steps she is going to make over the course of time (like a year!) until you will have her eating more and more things. I started with something I knew she loved, broccoli, and starting replacing that every once in a while with peas, or something similar. She protested at first, but now she'll eat *some* knowing those are the rules. I discovered through trial and error that she really likes applesauce, bananas and strawberries so I keep those on hand now and dole them out whenever I have the chance.

    I too was a little overwhelmed when I realized how much my daughter was controlling the meals she ate, and not eating balanced ones at that. It takes time, but if you take little baby steps, you'll see real progress over time. :)

  2. I make apple zucchini muffins that my son loves! But he even picks the peas and carrots out of fried rice! He does however like eating raw peppers so we give him those a lot. Same as your daughter, he loves fruit. Have you tried smoothies. I put carrots into our fruit smoothies... You can't taste them and they don't make the smoothie a weird green color that some kids hate.

  3. Oh gosh I wish I had some good advice! Just keep offering it, trying to think of new ways to make it, etc. Aria likes tiny veggies...peas, corn, little carrots etc. She won't eat a tiny tomato though but if I give her an entire tomato she will eat it like an apple. One day they won't be so picky hopefully!

  4. i can add nothing to this. because my toddler only wants pasta. COLD PLAIN PASTA. we celebrate when she wants us to heat it up.

    toddlers be crazy.

  5. Every kiddo is different. Ellie isn't big on fruit but wil eat veggies all day. Her top picks are broccoli, peas, beans, carrots and corn. Try mixing up the seasonings and how you prepare them. Ellie only likes carrots when they have been cooked in a soup, but the others she loves plain with a little salt!! Good luck friend!!

  6. I know when I was little my mom would always just mix veggies or threaten no dessert until we ate our veggies! haha You could always try mixing veggies with stuff she loves already! And tell her Princesses eat veggies :)

    Lovely Little Rants

  7. I've got a picky non-veggie eater as well! I've slowly been incorporating some stuff in her foods by telling her she can have something she wants, after she has x-number of bites of something I want her to eat. Lots of tiny little veggies mixed in with stuff. Still nothing green though. I supplement with green smoothies (store-bought only because she won't drink the ones I blend). So far, I like Naked Green Machine and Suja Organic Green Smoothie (at Costco) because they don't add sugar.

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  8. I wish I had tips for you, Scarlett is the same way, she eats fruit but veggies is another story. They'll eat what they want to eat I think :( I do give Scarlett a huge green smoothie every morning before anything else and she drinks it up... so that is something I guess.

  9. Shredded veggies (carrots/zucc/etc) and maybe try adding to dishes or in baked goods? Tyson became a HUGE fan of roasted broccoli - turn oven up real high, mix with oil/garlic/lemon juice and bake til REALLY done. Sweet potato fries/tots/chips? I know it's tough, and what works one day may be a total bomb the next. Good luck!! :)