Tuesday, April 14, 2015

daily routine with two.

.. could also be titled " it's more stressful/ crazy with two" but fun seemed like the overall best pick ;)

I remember when we found out I was pregnant again, I was so excited but so terrified at how our daily routine was going to go. If Rae was going to be super clingy or get jealous towards Bre or if I'd ever make it out of the house. Now that we've settled in and Bre is almost at three months (what?) we finally have a little bit of a routine on our hands and that makes this mama happy.

6:00 on. the. dot Rae wakes up and my oh so amazing husband gets out of bed every morning to get her and put her on the potty so I can stay asleep. Some days I tell myself I'd be a lot more productive if I woke up before her, but I seriously cannot function before 7:00 let alone 6:00 but if it's the weekend we all pile up in bed and cuddle.

6:30-7:00 handsome and Rae get "co-kee(coffee) and milk" together and watch the squish (squirrels) in the backyard or Rae will come and cuddle in bed with me while Stefan gets work stuff together. She likes to stick her cold feet in between my legs, which has got to be payback for me doing that to Stefan all these years. It's usually cuddling mixed in with jumping around, I usually get a horse to the head or she's touching my face naming everything to me and by this point I'm finally awake.

7:30 I usually pump, make myself a cup of coffee and by this point Aubrey is starting to wake up and we're telling handsome to have a good day, waving by and blowing 'tisses. This specific day I made pancakes on request by Rae and Aubrey usually hangs out with me in the kitchen while I cook. Breakfast is the best time I can get Rae to eat and my favorite so I don't mind.

8:00-10:00 usually around this time I'm feeding Aubrey and reading blogs and catching up on social media (bad bad bad) while Rae is watching an episode or two of either Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Curious George. We go play in Aubrey's room while I get her changed and I sometimes get dressed while Rae's busy entertaining herself. I've been trying to incorporate flash cards into our morning routine before we actually start our day that way she can work on her letters and numbers. So far she just knows all the pictures that go along with the letter, but it is helping a bit. We'll read some books or talk to Aubrey. Our mornings are pretty slow, but when it's nice I really need to get a fitness routine going.

10:00-12:00 you can find us outside if it's nice out before and after nap. With the weather being in the 70's lately I'll lay a blanket out on the grass and Aubrey and I will hang out and draw cats over and over again while Rae's busy climbing the tree, swatting at the bird feeders or pointing out all the airplanes. We'll either bring lunch outside or just some snacks before I go lay Rae down for her nap.

Sometimes Aubrey will take a shorter first nap and then both babes will go down for an afternoon nap at the same time, which is basically heaven. I get dinner prepped, clean, blog, or nap with the littlest..

12:30-2:00 or 1:00-2:30 it ranges, but Rae will usually take a two hour nap. I dread the day she gives it up, but for now I enjoy every moment of it. It takes me at least two times of going in kissing her and saying goodnight for her to actually stay in her room, but once she's down I get to kiss and cuddle on Aubrey babe. I feel like this is the only time I get to really hold and love on Aubrey with my undivided attention. Sometimes I feel so guilty of always putting Bre down to do stuff with Rae, but thankfully she's such a chill baby. I feed Bre basically whenever she's up or if she starts to get fussy

2:30ish is when Rae usually wakes up and she'll normally ask for some applepears (one word. I don't know if it's apples or pears ) or mangoes so I cut some up for her on a plate and she takes it outside. I get dinner going, turn on some country pandora station and Aubrey's usually in the kitchen helping me cook. Rae's in and out usually trying to pull me outside or driving me nuts at this point. Having a yard and the sun being out are seriously my favorite things.

5:00-5:30 is usually when handsome's walking through the door and Rae's usually already spotted the jeep pull up and is waiting at the door for 'tisses. We eat dinner, which has been a fight here lately with Rae. All she ever wants is "tick tock" which is "chocolate" milk, the chocolate is really this and while I don't mind giving it to her I would also like her to eat. This is our favorite part of the day so we spend it piled up on the blanket in the backyard. The dogs run around and it gets all of the energy out of Rae before bed. If it's chilly outside then Rae and handsome are building castles and playing in the living room.

7:30-8:00 we run the bath for both babes. (random: are we the only insane people that bathe their kids every night? ) Lately we've been bathing them together which is so cute to watch. Rae likes to wash her tummy and rise away the bubbles. Stefan has always done the bath time/bed time routine, but now that we have Aubrey he'll give the girls their bath and I'll take Aubrey once he's done. We're big coconut oil lovers in this house so Bre gets rubbed down with some coconut oil/lavendar lotion and I give her a million kisses and tickle her a few times before she goes to sleep. I nurse her and by this point Rae's out of the bath, teeth brushed, hair blow dryed and she's barging in to give night night kisses to "sister aw-bee".

Stefan reads a bed time story to Rae each night and we're usually walking out both doors around the same time. Rae wakes up almost immediately and either on of us has to walk back in and give another kiss then she's usually down for the night. (it's never much of a fuss, but it's funny how she still does it night after night). Aubrey's done several all night stretches but so far the norm. is normally a 3am or 4am nurse sesh. Handsome wakes up with me and changes her first before I feed her.

Whew! Some days go exactly like that and then some we're barely making it with "come home early" texts to handsome, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Evenings are spent on the couch with handsome catching up on The Voice or whatever we haven't watched with either a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and a snack :) it's so nice to curl up each night with handsome. I definitely couldn't do this alone and there's no one I'd rather have by my side.


  1. Life with two is way busier than I thought! Not bad busy-- just busy busy! And mixing big sister activities and little sister feelings = interesting. You guys have an awesome little schedule though- it's perfect!

  2. I'm always curious how moms do it with two kids! I think getting outside is key to maintaining sanity! I wish my husband was able to leave later and get home earlier (he leaves at 6 and isn't home until 6:45 on the best days)!

  3. I LOVE that he gets up with you through the nigjht-Jason did the same and it's the sweetest thing ever. Sadie actually needed to nurse once in the middle of the night all the way up until she was about 7-8 months old (which I always thought was because she for real NEEDED the extra calories and now that she's almost 3, eats like a teenage boy and only weighs 25 pounds, I know it was true!) By the time she was older like that, I told Jason he should just sleep because the whole process was super easy and quick...but for those first 3-4 months, he was up with me every time, changing diapers and doing anything he could to help :-)

  4. Love the inside look at a day with two! I'm most anxious how we are going to mix the routines and make it through the day as a trio rather than a duo until daddy gets home.

  5. Ah yes, life with two. :) Sounds like you guys have got a great schedule/day. A more kid-friendly yard is on my wish list for a new house (someday), that's awesome you guys get out often. We actually bathe Tys every night too; poor second baby, Harper doesn't get it that often. How do you bathe them together? Do you have Aubrey in a baby tub or just dip her in? I'm looking forward to the day H can sit by herself and we can easily do them both at once.

  6. sounds like a busy but fun filled day! Your daughters are honestly so dang CUTE!!

    Lovely Little Rants

  7. You're photos are really great! And yes, it's hard when managing feedings and multiples naps. It gets a lot easier, but harder in other ways I guess. Sounds like you have a good handle on it, I'm a sucker for routine. Keeps the peace around here!

  8. What fun and busy days! You are so blessed to be home with both your sweeties!! I hope some day after we adopt baby #2 I'll get to stay home instead of nannying...wishful thinking. Sounds like a great routine and you can still have Rae go in her room for "quiet time" when she ditches the naps. Life is definitely busy when juggling more than two (I have 4 kiddos under 5 when working) and nap times can sometimes be a struggle.

  9. What a busy day, two sounds like 10 times the amount of work. I'm still so hesitant to add another because our schedule is just so easy righ tnow, but I'm sure it's worth it! I wish I could find that chocolate mix in canada (well I could on Amazon, but it was $90). Scarlett is obsessed with Chocolate milk right now, I usually just give her coconut milk with a splash of chocolate syrup but she does the same thing and doesn't eat much dinner.

  10. Whew! What a day! Your schedule is perfect and I believe there is some time squeezed in there for some girl/giggle time with ME :) HELLO?!?!?!

    Also, you better remember all these mommy tips and tricks you have up your sleeve when I finally have a little human. You will be my tell-all resource!