Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A letter to my girls

To my girls,

Let me start out by saying that ever since before you girls were ever born your dad knew that we'd have girls. Three to be exact and although at this point in our lives we just have the two of you, we think that's perfect for our family.

There are days that for whatever reason I don't get to the stack of laundry, I don't get to the dishes in the sink or dinner isn't cooked. On those very same days your dad comes home from work and without skipping a beat he fixes something delicious, he grabs you both and takes you outside to play so I can have a moment to myself, or he tackles the chores that I just didn't get to. In those moments I think to myself that I hope you girls find someone like your dad. You'll fall in love a few times before you'll finally get it right. Trust me, both your dad and I have done it. I urge you to wait, wait for the one that is just like your dad.

Wait for the one that tells you your beautiful in the same pajamas you've worn three days in a row, smelling like breastmilk and no makeup on. Your dad is amazing in this department, in fact he tells you girls how beautiful you are also. He kisses that always dirty face of yours Rae and the milk stained face of yours Bre. 

Wait for the one that you can always catch smiling at you and stealing glimpses of you from across the room. Your life may be crazy and hectic, but in that moment it's just the two of you. There's no doubt in my mind it won't make you feel special.

Wait for the man who keeps this saved to his phone as well as his desktop. The one who writes in journals to remind you of funny things you've said and done as you've grown up. We keep one for each of you girls and I promise you he really tries to use his good handwriting when he leaves your little letters ;)

Wait for the man that in a world of so much wrong he always, always does the right thing. He stays true to his word, the one that won't do a u-turn when you're not supposed to or drive six mph over the speed limit. Do choose the one that does excite you. The one that sparks the adventurous side of you, the one that will challenge and push you when you need it. 

Wait for the man that gets up and goes to work. A selfless man that knows a strong work ethic, one that sacrifices in order to provide for his family. But always make those decisions together. Encourage him and pray about them. You are a team, and if you choose the right man I know he'll love you even more for appreciating his hard work and telling him that it doesn't go unnoticed. Take chances and dream big together.

Wait for the one that leaves you post-it note love letters all around the house for you to find. The one that brings you home 'just because' flowers and reminds you that even when you're eight months pregnant you're still smokin' hott.

Wait for the man that will show you how to respect people, an honest man. To never judge someone by their looks or how they act. Wait for the one that will talk highly about you when you're not around. The one that will show off pictures of you (and your babies!) to each person that comes into his office. 

Wait for the man that loves Jesus, the one that will learn and walk through the word with you. You both may not know a lot, but loving and learning about the Heavenly Father together will not only strengthen your marriage, but so much more. He may not be perfect, but his imperfections only make him stronger.

Be sure to also wait for the one that you have fun with. The one that 'eggs' your knees when he knows you hate it and lets you snuggle in his arms at any moment. Wait for the one who gives you the most amazing massages, even though yours are never comparable and he never complains!

So many days I'll be washing dishes just watching you girls with your dad outside through the window and it brings tears to my eyes. Your dad is an amazing man, more than I could have ever asked for and his love for you is immense.

One day girls, you'll fall in love and you'll wonder if it's the real thing. Mine and your dads prayers are for you to not have to question that because your dad will have set such a high standard. But please, don't rush into love. The Lord has big plans for you girls, and in time you'll find someone who makes you just as happy as your dad makes me.


  1. Ahh! The water works are on! How absolutely beautiful and sweet, and so very true. love this! Now I wanna write one ;)

  2. So beautiful, Karra!!! I just love this so much. :) You have an amazing family! Your joy radiates and is contagious for sure. Happy Wednesday, my dear!

  3. I mean, this is the sweetest thing EVER!! I totally feel the same way, watching your hubby become a dad is just heart-melting! You three girls are so lucky!

    PS - The post-its, I die! :)

  4. What a good man you have and what a beautiful letter. Has me teary-eyed thinking of my dad and my husband, now a father to a little girl. I don't know how you can put into words all those feelings/emotions, and so honestly and sweetly..?!?!

  5. This gave me all the feels- so sweet and so true! Seeing the daddy- daughter relationship is the best.

  6. KILLING me with this letter! You and your girls are sooooo lucky to have your man, and he's lucky to have the three of you! He sounds like the BEST example ever as to how a man should treat the women in his life. Your girls are going to have high expectations... but they should! They deserve the best! Sweetest family ever!

  7. Oh my gosh this is perfection! What an amazing husband and so lovely for your daughters!!!

  8. We have 2 daughters and this brought me to tears! Praise God for your wonderful husband. We are blessed to have the very best daddies for our little ones :)