Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rae-isims: Part Two

Isn't funny how each growing stage we think this is the best yet? THIS stage is my favorite. Rae has such a growing vocabulary, new words are popping up all the time that there are times handsome and I just sit and giggle at what she says. I especially love when she's on FaceTime and she'll literally just jibber away. So I figured it's been awhile since I last documented her little sayings and it needs to be done, so alas...

"walk-um" (welcome) anytime she brings something to you or does a task she automatically responds with "walk-um!"

"ha-cup, ha-cup" (hiccup) Aubrey gets hiccups at least three times a day and Rae thinks its the best thing ever. She'll either "ha-cup" when she does or repeat it non-stop as if she's hiccuping herself.

"farted" probably the worst pronunciation for the word phone, but it's hilarious. Especially since she loves to carry around an old phone of my mom's and when it's missing she loses it.

It's a toss up between Curious George and Tarzan as her favorite show to watch in the morning, so when she wakes up she asks for "money" (monkey) or "boy-girl" (Tarzan).. I haven't figured out why she calls Tarzan boy-girl, either because there's Jane or because Tarzan has long hair and she's confused. Either way, equally cute.

I wish you all could see the amazing animal noises/faces she makes for a pig and monkey. It's definitely my favorite and every night at dinner we try and get her to make then noises.

"tisses, tisses" (kisses) This is going to be Aubrey's first word. Anytime she first see's her sister she almost cries "tisses" until she can kiss her. She also asks for extra "tisses" at nap time and bedtime. 

The other afternoon I was calling for Stefan upstairs but I was saying, "babe" and now she has been calling him babe.. and not just saying it, but shouting it. 

and "ma!" changed to "momma" and now I'm "mom-mom"

The fork she asks for every night at dinner sounds like well, you know.. 

This probably doesn't excite you as much as it does me, but paired with her adorable little voice and exclamations it's pretty perfect to me. Staying home with her and Aubrey can definitely be tasking, especially because Rae has her mama's attitude and her own bit of sass but this is everything I've ever wanted. Watching her grow and learn is so important to me, something that I will never take advantage of. 


  1. Such a cutie! And we have so many of those similar sayings, going to be a sad day when these funny things are over!

  2. What about CHOPPPER! CHOPPER! my fav :) it never gets hold old.

    and its tickles me to death when she asks for Carey.."boy"

    She's my dosage of giggles for the day! Getting so smart!

    LOVE HER TO PIECES!!! oh & you. & aub & steve. ok, teddi, behr & marshall. & fish. whew! your fam needs to stop growing. & Lola. oh, jeez.

  3. Oh my gosh I just love how they choose names for things. We just started watching Mickey Mouse in our house and Ellie calls it "Maws". SO so sweet.

  4. She is the sweetest! :) Charlotte calls for "Babe" too. Lol. Monkey see, monkey do. Hope you're doing well, girlfriend!

  5. I love these so much. boy-girl that is too funny. Talking and words has to be the cutest sweetest part of growing up.