Sunday, March 22, 2015

mom's don't get sick days.

That's the sad, sad truth guys. The whole house got themselves sick this weekend. Pretty sure Rae brought it home with her from school and her non-stop kisses to Bre is likely how she caught it. Friday night we landed ourselves in the ER for a good four hours because Aubrey girl was running a high fever and being just six weeks old I wasn't taking my chances. Usually I'm pretty anti-hospital because they are even more germy and in the past I've always been able to get Rae's fevers down with a cold bath and tylenol. But with a teeny little babe and one who was going on a seven hour nap I thought it might be a good idea to go in. 

We left around 11pm and I was so tired. They didn't do a full work up on her or anything and basically said to keep and eye on her. The next morning the whole house woke up feeling sick. Rae was unusually warm and I felt like death. I'm guessing the added stress or moving didn't help any of our cases, but it's Sunday night and although I'm going through a box of tissues the girls seem to be getting better and that makes me extremely happy. 

So with that said, our weekend was pretty lazy. We are finally out of our old house and can start making this house feel like home. My poor husband, he moved everything himself. Everything. He even let me take a nap this afternoon and wrangled both babes.. I'm way too lucky. I also managed to whip up some play dough for Rae this weekend in hopes that it would keep her entertained enough and distracted by not being able to go outside.. total win. 


  1. Noooo. Worst thing ever. I'm so happy the tiny babe is on the mend and didn't get herself a hospital visit (fevers are terrifying). And I hope you start getting some of that energy back adapt! Feel better soon girls!!

  2. Being sick is the pits and I've learned it even worse when you're a mom!! Hope y'all are feeling better. A's little bunny sleeper is just adorable! I love it.

  3. Being sick is the worst, especially when its the whole house. Hope you are all feeling better soon!!! XO

  4. Glad everyone is on the mend! Man I've fallen so behind with reading blogs! I'm so sorry!! :)